My Future

Austin Miles

Right Brain Explanation

I am right brained because I am a creative, musical, colorful person.
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I have an Orange Personality

1. I have a Orange personality because I am a risk taker, creative, and a problem solver.

2. I have a Gold personality because I am organized, faithful, and efficient.

3. I have a Green personality because I am practical and a nature lover.

4. I have a Blue personality because I am conservative and do things at my own pace.

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My Personality Letters

E: People who tend to focus on the outer world of people and things.

N: People who tend to focus on patterns and possibilities.

T: People who tend to think things through and use logic.

J: People who tend to be organized and well planned.

I am a Extrovert

I am a extrovert because I am far from shy and I say most of my thoughts as they come to my head.
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Architectural and Engineer Manager

The job that is tied to my monthly budget is an Architectural and Engineer Manager.
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My License Plate

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Top Three Career Choices

Arkansas University #1

I chose to go to the University of Arkansas because I enjoy being close to home and love Razorback Football.

Fayettville, AR

Public University

26,754 in Attendance

$15,000 a Year

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Bentonville West

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I will graduate on May 23, 2020

Be Free

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"You can do anything. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Your free to be what ever you choose."