Tiger's Curse

Colleen Houck

Tigers Curse Summary

Tigers Curse is about a teen named Kelsey. In the begining Kelsey lives in Oragon with her foaster parents Mike and Sarah. she gets a temporary job at the nearby circus thats in town and fall in love with a white tiger, Ren. Soon the tiger is bought and is going to india to live at a reserve. The man who bought Ren is an old buisness man named Kadam, who invites Kelsey on the journey of her life to help Ren get to the reserve. Kesley has no clue that she is going to be a big part in breaking a 300 year old tigers curse. This book shows how Kelsey finds her destiny, along with a little romance and adventure along the way.

Disliked and Liked

Really there was no disliking of this book or serise, i loved all of it. It was a good detailed book, it had lots of adventure and things youd never expect from a book like this. The auther put a little bit of romance and heart break that a lot of teenagers could relate to, but this is a fiction book and none of these adventure could really happen.

Recominding This Book

I would highly recomind these books to others who like fiction, Romance, and of course some action and fantasy. Tiger, princes, battles, dragons, romance? who wouldnt want to read that?