Mr.Shahin Sakopanah

By Andrew Dodge

Growing Up

When he was growing up in Iran he couldn't talk to girls. Also, girls and boys had to go to different school so Shahin went to the boys' school. His mom and dad had to pick who he was going to marry. His life was hard and frustrating because there were so many rules.


When he was 15 years old there was turmoil in his country. A war was happening and if he stayed he would have to fight. His dad served in the army and shahins choices were to serve for 6 years or move somewhere else, or pay $60,000. His parents didn't have that much money so his dad had to sacrifice by sending his son to the United States.
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Living in the United States

Life for Shahin was hard because he was on his own. He also had to have 2-3 jobs. He lived with his dad's friends. His goal was to survive. He was glad to be here but also sad because he lost his friends in the war back home. Life got better for him because he had a family and two sons.
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