Phillips Friday Focus

February 19, 2016

Happy Friday! Just two more weeks and we get a break. I know we all need one. During this time of the year, we get tired and it's tempting to let frustration and stress creep in. I challenge you and myself to remember the words of Adolf Brown at our convocation in August... "The tree is in the seed." Don't tire from planting the seeds. Your students are growing and improving every day. It's been said "the true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." You may think what you are doing in the trenches of teaching is not truly making a difference for your students, they have so far to go and so many obstacles to face. BUT you are making a difference and I believe in you. So keep planting, beautiful trees will emerge.

What's Ahead...

Feb. 24- Luncheon in lounge/SST meetings/3:45 T-TESS training(teachers)

Feb 26- Third grade Awards

Feb. 29- Fourth Grade Awards/ **Open House, 6:30-7:30

March 3- GT Field Trip


March 15-May 5- After school tutoring begins

March 15-March 18-Telpas practice

March 21-24- Telpas testing

March 25- Good Friday Holiday/Bad weather day :)