A Huge Arrest in Mexico

Mexico's Drug problem is coming to an end

Mexico's Drug problem

Mexico has been part of a huge illegal drug trade since the 1960's. The drugs would come from Colombia and a majority of the drugs would go through Mexico. But recently several U.S. and Mexico troops have captured the leader on the leading drug gang the Sinoloa Cartel. the leader who has been captured name is Joaquín Guzmán Loera or as his gang members called him El Chapo or "Shorty".

Or is it?

Many reporters say the drugs will continue you to flow.

Many reporters say the drugs will continue. They say that even though we capture El Chapo the Cartel will continue the drug trade and will not give up even if they lost their leader. Reporters now believe this will only strengthen the Cartels and make them more deadlier and more brutal with increase drug trade.
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