The reality of mood disorders

disproving the myths about mood disorders since 2014

The truth or the myth

Many myths about mood disorders and mental health have stemmed up in the past few years. They start as misunderstandings or as assumptions about a complicated subject. I will be bringing forward the reality behind these myths through out this flyer.


One of the biggest categories of mood disorders and also one of the most misunderstood.

Another misconception about depression is that there are no outward signs

There are many outward signs including: loss of interest in favorite activity's, always tired, quit, secluding them selves.

Post partum depression

Some people believe P.P.D. is an excuse for mothers to be bad parents. In reality it is a mental disability affecting women all over the world.


Only people suffering from depression are suicidal. Yet another huge misconception. Yes many people who are depressed think about suicide, but there are people with other mood disorders and people with no mental problems that commit suicide.


People believe that anti depressants, lithium, and other medication can help anyone with a mood disorder. While these medications do help some people there are people and disorders that actually get worse when taking these drugs.


It is generally believed that people with mood disorders do not hallucinate. This is false because when people suffer from serious depression, or Bipolar disorder they can start to hallucinate and here voices that are not there.

Having mania is fun

This could not be more wrong. Mania is a serious problem, It can cause endless energy but also causes insomnia. This also causes over spending and a lot of other problems.

Every one that is biopoler has the same symptoms.

There are many types of bipolar disorder and very few people experience being bipolar in the same way. The cycles are completely different and the length of mania and depression are different.