South Korea



I got my information from...

  • a book called spotlight on South Korea
  • world book
  • kids info bits
  • national geographic kids


The Korean people celebrate many holidays. There is at least one major celebration during each moon, or 29 days. ''chuseok'' is Korean is a harvest festival and is a 3 day holiday in korea. like many other harvest festivals, it is held around the first day of atumn .

art, music and dance

k-pop is the nick name for Korean pop music.


major religions in south korea other orunnone 1.3% none 49.2%buddhist 23.2% Christian 26.3%


Korean is made up of 10 vowles and 14 consonants, and is written using symbols. this form of writing is known as hangul.


soo chunkwa ( soy sauce ) ch'o kanjang ( viniger soy sauce )

kimchi patbingsu ( Korean shaved ice )

bibimbap tansuke ( Korean fish )

jeon udon ( Korean noodle )

shimchki ( Korean spinach) ramen ( Korean noodle )

kamja guk ( potato soup ) dke ( Korean cookie

hin pap ( white rice ) icce cream ( Korean ice cream

samgyetang (chicken soup ) somsatang ( Korean cotton

chap ch'ae limes ( candy icecream )

dotorimuk ( acorn curd

toasted sesame seeds people eat their food using chopsticks and


mandu ( Korean dumplings ) people eat korean cakes. some contane nuts rice and fruits.

bulgogi ( Korean beef ) for a fast lunch, people make instant noodle soups and add their own veggies and meat.

2 women sell fresh fish in a market. many korean dishes are made with fish and other sea food.

famos person

park chung hee was presedent 1963 to 1979 roh moo -hyun was presedent 2003 to 2008 lee myun -bak was presedent 2008 to 2013 kim dae -jung was presedent 1998 to 2003 park geun -hye was presedent 2013 she was first woman presedent in south korea. roh tae woo was presedent 1988 to 1993



and more.


the korean flags feachers a circular emblem on a white background , with black symblos in each corner. the circular emblem half red and half blue represents the balence between oppisite forces are called yin and yang.


cold dry winters and hot humed summers. august is the most humed month. in areas of south korea, the temperature drops below freezing during the winter months.

intresting inpho

korean people beleven jesus.