Reconstruction Character Poster

Philip Washington


Jim Crow laws S

Carpetbaggers S

Andrew Johnson's plan for Reconstruction ESP

Black Codes S

Freedmen's Bureau E

Tenure of Office Act EP

Ku Klux Klan S

Compromise of 1877 SE


13th Amendment E

14th Amendment E

15th Amendment P

Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction ESP

Johnson Impeachment Trial E

Sharecropping E

Ulysses S Grant Elected President P

Former General in the Confederate Army

As a former officer in the Confederate Army, you are very concerned about your fate. You are unsure of how the national government will treat you once your state is re-admitted to the Union. Will you regain full citizenship despite leading a war against your own country? When you returned to your home in the South, your large plantation was no more. Your home had been burned by the Union Army and your slaves – while free – were still living on the plantation with no other prospects. At the very least, you hope your state will quickly be allowed to create a new state government, rejoin the country, and once again be able to determine its own affairs. You are concerned that if former slaves are given the right to vote, they might push for change in traditional Southern society.

My Viewed about Reconstruction

4. I see Reconstruction as a FAILURE because the south lost the civil war. Now we have to deal with the punishment. I lost my plantation but my former slave still lives on it. I can not force them to work out on the field. The south no longer has a leader who wants what we want. Now it is all under one.