BCSM Service Day

The Power of Service

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buildOn Service Day

This semester Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics began to offer a service elective class for BCSM students. One of the core values at BCSM is service, so partnering with buildOn to create this class embodies one of the outcomes BCSM and buildOn wants for BCSM students: a heart to serve the community, and in turn, change the world. This class is taught by Ms. Iglesia, the buildOn advisor, and Anthony Curtis, the buildOn Program Coordinator-a former English teacher. Students explore societal issues and also conduct service projects to tackle some of these issues. On Friday, April 8, 2016, forty-five BCSM students completed a service projected related to poverty in New York.

Students at Hunts Point Repack Warehouse

Happy Friday from BCSM!

Happy Friday Service!

Poverty in New York

BCSM buildOn students volunteered at the Hunts Point Repack Warehouse where food is collected, stored, repacked and distributed to their network of more than 1,000 community-based member programs throughout the five boroughs. At the Food Bank warehouse BCSM students broke down bulk food containers of 500 pounds or more, then sorted and repacked the food into boxes suitable for the city's food pantries and soup kitchens. Repacking food also allows for the evaluation of food drive and bulk donations for quality control.

Serving Those in Need

BCSM students worked in teams to unpack, sort, and repack healthy food options, household items, and baby items -packing 3,226 pounds of food that will make 2,688 meals for people in need in New York City.

Service is Heroism

BCSM buildOn students also took time before the service project to learn about the buildOn staff member who was killed in Burkina Faso in a terrosit attack. Students decorated yellow ribbons with words and phrases that represented how this buildOn staff member, Ahmed, lived, and also reflected on the legacy they want to leave with their own lives.
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Thank You BCSM staff for your support of the buildOn trip.

We would love for you to attend one of our upcoming buildOn service projects.

Yankee's Green Team Service: Sunday, April 17th 11:30 am-4:00 pm


Environmental Justice Community Event: Monday, April 25 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Email Anthony for more info: anthony.curtis@buildon.org