Paredes Library Report

November 2015

Library Usage

Circulation Statistics

With the library closed for more days than usual (waiting to hear from maintenance, MOY testing), circulation was down.

Total items circulated: 591

Breakdowns for type of items and type of patrons are linked below:

November 2015 Circulation Stats

Individual Students Served by the Library

1381 individual students were served by the library during the month of October, before school, during classes, during lunch, and after school.

Breakdowns for time of day and reasons for library visits are linked below.


Classes Served by the Library

6 classes were served by the library during the month of November.

The following ELAR teachers came to the library for book check-out: Price (3) and Bowers (3).

Closures: The library was closed November 2-6 because we were advised not to return the books to the shelves for several days following the flooding October 30. The library was closed for four half-days because of MOY testing. It was partially closed for one day because of the faculty Thanksgiving potluck lunch. It was closed for one half-day while Ms. Randolph attended the District Librarians' PLC meeting.

Breakdowns for classes served by the library by date and reason for visit are linked below.

Classes Served in November

Workroom Tasks Completed by Librarian

Month of November

  • Cataloging/Processing/Repairing of Books/Media/Equipment: 73 items
  • Continued to handle circulation of data projectors and document cameras for teachers in classrooms without innovation stations and those waiting for repairs
  • Facilitated check-out and return of approximately 400 calculators for MOY testing
  • InterLibrary Loans (ILLs) Facilitated to and from Paredes Library: 6
  • Displays created: Special books for the month of November (Native American Heritage, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving, AIDS Awareness, Alzheimer's Disease Awareness, Harvest, Pilgrim/English arrival in North America)
  • Facilitated recognition of Alzheimer's Awareness Day; each student who wore purple was given a fun pizza bookmark.
  • Check the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts below for the library's social media presence for the month of October
  • Updated library website.

AISD Librarians' Monthly Professional Learning Community (PLC) Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 2-4:30pm

745 Mansell Avenue

Austin, TX

Attended these sessions: Secondary Librarians' Sharing and Hour of Code.

Student Aides and Parent/Community Volunteers

Student Library Aides: 5

Parent volunteer hours for November: 7.5

Community volunteer hours for November: 4