Utopian Societies Do Not Exist

"Here the Director made a sign of a T on his stomach and all the students followed suit and yet some students left" (Huxley 24).

In the book "A Brave New World" on page 24 the Director was making a sign to the students and followed suit, and some did what he did and some decided to leave or split. Those students where not happy with what he was doing so they where disagreeing and in a utopian society everyone agrees with eachother and there should be now problems but when a group of people disagree with something, it can cause conflict.
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In the Giver and A Brave New World there are to different groups the ones who are rebelling and the Community.

In the Giver Jonas the main Character and the group of students are the ones who are rebelling against there Communtiy. They are the ones who want to step up and make a change in there community because of what they are experience or seeing such as, Jonas experiencing the releasing of the baby's and the students experienceing the experiments on the Delta baby's and the Signs.

Some utopian society's can go downhill

When people disagree with something in the community it can cause conflict and can cause the society or the community to go downhill." Ther was a violent explosion. Shrille and shriller. A siren shrieked. Alarm bells maddeningly sounded" (Huxley 20).
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They treat people that aren't like them and they treat them differently

The Director rubbed his hands, "Excellent ." He said. "It might almost have been done" (Huxley 20). The Director has had the nurses at this moment bring in the data baby's and the Director has decided to do experiments on the delta baby's.


Utopian society's can not exist in my opinion because everyone has different options and does not act the same. Everyone is there own person. We all think things differently and we all have are on goals and we disagree with things we don't like. Not everyone can be the same.
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