Third Grade Community News

September 19, 2016

Flipped in Learning Stations Start THIS week!

Part of our third grade community plan is to group students into 4 groups and rotate learning stations between both classroom teachers, a technology station and with Mrs. Pierce, our title teacher for the year.
We will begin these rotations Monday and do they four times a week for both Math and Literacy instruction (writing is sometimes incorporated in this but we also have a separate writing time each day as well!)

What are the benefits? Your child gets a solid hour (and typically more) of math and reading instruction from a highly qualified teacher; there is movement within the hour to promote sustained attention and focus; our lessons are concept/content related and that helps to link the information in a variety of ways. There is also an independent technology piece where students will be working on skills at their specific level.
Why groups? It is easier to extend and simplify lessons when each student can get more attention from the teacher. These smaller groups allow more conferencing to happen and more one on one time for each student.

Literacy Groups this week: Reading and discussing the following books:

"Crickwing" a story about bullying; change of hear; has great vocabulary/word choice; allows the reader to recognize character traits, how a story can cause emotion and feelings that change throughout a book.

"What if Everybody Did That?" In this book students can make predictions, learn the moral/lesson of responsibility and the importance of doing the right thing and problem solving skills.

"The Girl Who Never Made a Mistake" This is a book about growth mindset, as well as learning that it is okay to make mistakes--and learn from them. Students will work on making predictions and connections.

"Thanks for the Feedback" Students will follow the character, RJ’s journey, as he discovers feedback in many forms, and learns to accept and grow from criticism and compliments at home, school and with friends.

Another group for Literacy stations will work on writing an acrostic poem or two and hear some poetry from the infamous Shel Silverstein.

We will also have a technology station where students will log into typing web and practice keyboarding skills which are vital for projects we do in third and also for taking the MStep Test in the spring.

Math Groups this week: We are working on addition review with and without regrouping. We will introduce a new concept to most students called touch math. This strategy allows you to put touch dots on a number to help you count up from the previous number without having to use your fingers or draw a picture. It is a faster way of solving addition problems. This practice will increase math fluency.
We will introduce and play several math games and observe which strategies students use to solve problems.
We will also have cool math for kids at a station where students can select the math concept that they want to work on.

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These items along with completed assignments allow your child to have team time at the end of the week! In third grade we strive for student independence and responsibility - please help them stay on top of things until it becomes habit.