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My personal experience with Electronic cigarettes

On my quest to quit smoking, I tried just about everything, the patch, gums,creams,etc. But nothing seemed to help with the cravings. After 6 failed attempts to quit smoking, my friend told me about electronic cigarettes or E-cigs. I was desperate to quit smoking so I was willing to try anything. I bought a cheap Ecig from the store and the vapor production wasn't very good. Unfortunately after that experience I went back to smoking regular cigarettes and was very disappointed with myself again.

After doing some research I read many electronic cigarettes reviews, I found there are Electronic Cigarettes brands on the market that have a good vapor production and feel much more like a real cigarettes. I found two brands on the market that are very popular and have High customer satisfaction ratings. Halo Triton and the V2 cig are the best that I found. I purchased both with the intentions of checking them both out and returning the one that I didn't like as much. I ordered them both at the same time and got them both within 48 hours.

After receiving the two E cigarette starter kits my initial impression was that both starter kits looked really good and had everything you need to make the transition to Vapor cigarettes. They both come with a variety of sample flavors of E-liquid, wall charger and USB charger. The vapor production on both the Halo Triton and the V2 were great and the flavors were awesome! The basic starter kits are both about the same price at about $60. With almost every spec the same it came down to personal preference. I prefer the flavor of the Holo Triton and would say it is the best electronic cigarette . With that being said, that is just my personal preference others may feel differently. And I would highly recommend both production.

Why Electronic Cigarettes worked for me.

Ecigs work great for me personally because I didn't need to completely change my lifestyle. I still go on a smoke break with my friend. If I've had a rough day I can go have a smoke but without ingesting and additional harmful chemicals. I successfully quit smoking over 6 months ago and I feel much better. I'm able to go up a flight of stairs without coughing up a lung and I feel healthier and much better about myself. I would recommend E-cigs to anyone who wants to quit smoking and brake fee from big tabbaco.

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