ROCK Newsletter

December 11, 2015 Volume 6.16

Christmas is right around the corner!


I am very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team of people. I appreciate each of you very much. Wednesday when I arrived (via one of my many chauffeurs) to pick up my youngest son, Daniel, from Amy Parks ROCK, he greeted me with tears and said I "Why can't I stay at ROCK?" As a coordinator, this makes me very happy, but as a mom it's kind of depressing. The lesson I took away from that conversation was that my team is making ROCK such a positive place to be that the kids don't want to leave. It's a good problem!

Take time to look at the photos below:

Reinhardt ROCKer is writing a letter to Santa and Amy Parks ROCK STARS show off their shirts in front of the City of Heath Christmas Tree and they had a great time making their ornaments.

Next week will be busy - ROCK parties and Early Release! Make sure you rest up this weekend so you're ready for all the work. For those of you who are new to ROCK this year, I want you to be prepared for the fact that the kids will be extra wound up next week as Christmas is growing closer and closer. We still need to make sure all of the kids are safe, but requiring perfect order from the kids will make everyone's life miserable next week. So, keep them safe and keep them moving and you just might survive the week with your sanity in tact.

I know you're looking forward to the holidays as much as the kids are. All campuses will have an AESOP sub for Early Release except for Jones. Site Coordinators: Remember to keep your parties to a cost of $1 per child and bring your receipts to Leslie so we can pay you back.

When we get back from Winter Break on January 6, payroll cut off is on Friday, January 8th. Site Coordinators - we will not have a meeting on January 7th, but need each of you to get your payroll turned into us by Thursday afternoon, January 7th. Please make sure your pay requests are turned in promptly to your SC when we get back in January.

ROCK PLUS - we believe we have enough staff for ROCK Plus. I am thankful to all of you who are spending part of your holidays working for us.

My elbow update: No surgery!! Thank you for your prayers. I have many restrictions, including no driving until January, but over all - very good news!!

You guys, ROCK!



December 18: Last day of School for the semester and Early Release

January 4 - 5: ROCK PLUS

January 6: First day of the Spring Semester

January 7: Pay Roll Cut off

January 18 ; MLK Day and School/ROCK holiday

February 4; Site Coordinator/Staff meeting - Time TBD

February 5: Pay Roll Cut Off

February 15: President's Day, School Holiday/ ROCK PLUS

February 24; Early Release

March 3: SC Meeting - Time TBD

March 7 - 11: Spring Break/ROCK PLUS

Contact ROCK

Karen Hunter, ROCK Coordinator - 469-698-7140

Tracey King, Program Assistant - 469-698-7141

Leslie Kropp, Financial Secretary -469-698-7032

Jeanette Murrell, Lead Site Coordinator - 469-698-7035

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