The Giver

A classic fiction novel written by Lois Lowry.

Brief Summary

Jonas is assigned as Receiver of memory at the Ceremony of Twelve. He works with the Giver to get memories from centuries back. After a couple of days, Jonas begins to notice color, otherwise known as Seeing Beyond. The Giver transmits memories of pain, sorrow, happiness, and pride. Jonas learns things about the community and tries to save his people from Sameness.


Jonas is an eleven-year-old prodigy who was always different from the others in his community. He had a deep compassion for his friends and family. Once he receives his Assignment as The Receiver, he begins to feel great emotion, see beautiful colors, and experience the suffering hidden by the Community. The job of The Receiver brings Jonas great honor and respect.

A few main characters

Frequently asked questions

  • How has Jonas changed and evolved throughout the book?
  • How does the Giver feel about society?
  • What has changed in the society is over the years?
  • What has influenced the change in society?

overall rating

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"I think the book should expand more on the journey with of freeing society and the lessons from the Giver, but otherwise the book was very captivating."


"memories are forever."