Roadrunner Review Principal Update

Edition #5 ~ November 7, 2022

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Taken from: The Center for Parenting Education

The Situation

  • Are you ever drawn into your children’s fights over who got more?
  • Do they whine that the other got off “easy”?
  • Do you hear endless cries of “It’s not fair”?

The Tip

Here’s a tip which can help:

Teach your children that “fair” does not mean “equal.”

Why Kids Care about Equal

Developmentally, children are into equality. They often want whatever others have and they want the same amount.

  • Younger children may want the same privileges as older siblings, like having a later bedtime.
  • Older children may complain that less is required from a younger sibling, like not expecting them to help clean up.
  • And one may grumble when you may spend more time with a child who is preparing for a big test, only to have the tables turn the next week when you spend more time with the first child who is practicing for a school play.

A Time to Teach

When you hear these complaints, you can teach your children that everyone in the family is treated fairly (although not necessarily equally) based on his or her needs and age.

  • An older child being allowed to stay up later is fair because physically the child may need less sleep and because certain privileges come with age.
  • The younger child may have easier chores because he does not have the ability to do more.
  • And you focus extra attention on the one who needs it when he needs it.

Additional Thoughts

While in the midst of your children’s protests about fairness, you can let them know you understand how they are feeling. Acknowledge their disappointment and listen to their complaints.

But rather than trying to make things exactly the same, teach your kids that your family treats

each of them fairly based on what each one needs and who each child is.

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This Tuesday, November 8, 2022, all SPPS schools will have a digital learning day. Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day and a Digital Learning Day for all SPPS students in grades PreK-12. Students will attend school from home via their iPads that were sent home on Monday.


If a link is missing, it will be added later today or early tomorrow morning. Thank you!


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Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled on Thursday, November 10th from 4pm - 7pm and Friday, November 11th from 7:30am - 2:00pm. Conferences are held in person or via google meets. You can sign up for conferences using the links below:

Crossroads Montessori Sign-up

Crossroads Science Sign-up

If for some reason, you have trouble signing up for conferences, please contact your child's teacher. Thank you.

Helpful Hints for Parents...

Parent-Teacher Conference Checklists

Before the conference

  • Ask your child if there is anything that he wants you to talk about with his teacher.
  • Make a list of topics that you want to talk about with the teacher.
  • Prepare a list of questions such as:
1. What are my child's strongest and weakest subjects?
2. Does my child hand homework in on time?
3. Does my child participate in class?
4. Does my child seem happy at school?
5. What can I do at home to help?

During the conference

  • Be on time (or early) for the meeting.
  • End the meeting on time. Other parents will probably have a conference after yours.
  • Relax and be yourself.
  • Stay calm during the conference.
  • Ask the most important questions first.
  • If your child receives special services such as English classes, ask about your child's progress in those classes.
  • Ask for explanations of anything you don't understand
  • Ask your child's teacher for ways that you can help your child at home.
  • Thank the teacher.

After the conference

  • Talk about the conference with your child.
  • Talk about the positive points, and be direct about problems.
  • Tell your child about any plans you and the teacher created.
  • Keep in touch with the teacher during the school year.


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We, here at Crossroads Elementary, care about what you think. We will be taking time over the next couple of months to sit down with you, the caretakers of our students, one-on-one, to make sure our school is responsive to your needs.

  • WHO: Anyone with a child at Crossroads Elementary
  • WHAT: A chance to sit down and share your views and experiences with the school
  • WHY: We want to continue to grow, but won’t know how to improve until we talk to you!
  • WHERE: At Crossroads Elementary, OR virtually.
  • WHEN: Up to you.

Complete the form and someone will reach out to you to schedule a time that works for your schedule. Consider scanning the attached QR code or navigating to the web address and completing the form. Click here for form.

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If you are in need this Thanksgiving, please register here for a ticket to pick up your free bag of Thanksgiving groceries. All grocery bags must be picked up in person on the date and time given on your ticket.

Pickup will be Monday, November 21 and Tuesday, November 22. Tickets and correlating time slots will be available on a first-come/first-serve basis. Upon confirmation, you will receive your ticket via email. Make sure you keep your ticket and QR code accessible; you must have a printed or digital copy of your ticket to pick up your bag. We will not be able to give groceries to anyone without a ticket.

Limit 1 Bag per Family


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Flu Shots Now Available at Weekly Clinics

SPPS has flu shots available for anyone ages 5 and older at our vaccine clinics. Families, staff and community members can make appointments to receive flu shots by using the vaccine clinic registration links below. These registration forms will allow you to make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine, flu shot, or both. There is a limited number of flu shots available and families without health insurance or with State insurance will receive preference for appointments.

All Minnesota residents ages 6 months and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC recommends that everyone who can get vaccinated should do so at the first opportunity available to them.

SPPS hosts COVID-19 vaccine clinics on Thursdays from 3-6 p.m. at 360 Colborne St. Anyone ages 5 and older can receive vaccines—our clinics are not yet offering vaccines for kids under 5. Kids ages 5-11 can receive booster shots five months after their second vaccine. Anyone ages 12 and older can now receive the updated (bivalent) booster shot two months after their second vaccine or first booster.

SPPS COVID-19 & Flu Vaccine Clinics:

  • 11/7: Saint Paul Music Academy (27 Geranium Ave. E.) from 2-5 p.m. Register here.
  • 11/10: SPPS Administration Building (360 Colborne St.) from 3-6 p.m. Register here.
  • 11/14: LEAP High School (631 N. Albert St.) from 3-6 p.m. Register here.
  • 11/17: SPPS Administration Building (360 Colborne St.) from 3-6 p.m. Register here.
  • 11/21: Hazel Park Preparatory Academy (1140 White Bear Ave.) from 4-7 p.m. Register here.
  • 11/28: Baker Center at Cherokee Heights (209 W. Page St.) from 2-5 p.m. Register here.
  • 12/1: SPPS Administration Building (360 Colborne St.) from 3-6 p.m. Register here.
  • 12/5: Rondo Education Complex (560 Concordia Ave.) from 2-6 p.m. Register here.
  • 12/10: SPPS Administration Building (360 Colborne St.) from 3-6 p.m. Register here.
  • 12/12: EXPO Elementary (540 Warwick St.) from 2-5 p.m. Register here.

Ramsey County Public Health has vaccine clinics at the following locations:

COVID-19 Vaccine Available for Children Under 5 Years Old

SPPS is not yet offering vaccines for children under 5 at our weekly vaccine clinics. We will keep families informed if SPPS hosts vaccine clinics for this age group in the future.

There are some important differences between the two vaccine options:

  • Pfizer: Children ages 6 months to 4 years old will receive three doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The second dose is given three to eight weeks after the first dose. The third dose is given at least eight weeks after the second dose.
  • Moderna: Children ages 6 months to 5 years old will receive two doses of the Moderna vaccine. The second dose is given four to eight weeks after the first dose.

Where to Get Vaccines for Children Under 5:

Why do I need a booster shot?

COVID-19 vaccines are very effective, but new data shows protection may decrease over time. Booster shots are common for many vaccines, like the flu shot or Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis).

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We need help managing our Lost and Found. We are looking for a parent volunteer to come in once a week to collect, photograph and display the items that have been placed in lost and found. The photographs will be shared in a link that all families can view online. Unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill after appearing for two weeks on the Lost and Found At Crossroads link.

We will also have some other volunteer opportunities coming up. Please stay tuned. We have a great resource room for you to work in.

Please contact the main office for this volunteer opportunity. Crossroads main line: 651-767-8540. Thank you.

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Looking to get your kids involved in extracurriculars? Here is a great resources for you. Just click on this link to access up to date classes.


School spirit day is every Friday! We would love to see you wear your school spiritwear especially on Fridays.

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All school documents can be can be translated or interpreters made available upon request. Please contact the school office for support at 651-767-8540.


Todos los documentos pueden ser traducidos o interpretados oralmente si usted lo solicita 651-767-8540.


Tej ntaub ntawv tom tsev kawm ntawv uas xa los rau nej, peb yuav pab txhais thiab nrhiav neeg txhais lus rau nej yog nej hais qhia peb 651-767-8540.


Dhammaan dukumiintiyada iskuulka waa la turjumi karaa ama waxaa la heli karaa turjumaan haddii la codsado 651-767-8540.


Contact Norah Nyo at 651-767-8540