What I Want To Be

Hailey Fagiano

What is a Zoologist?

Zoologists study animals in a lab or in the wild. Some jobs of the available to zoologists are aquarium coordinators, marine biologists, or ecologists.

Who needs the service of a zoologist?

  • zoo's
  • colleges
  • theme parks
  • feild studynprograms

What is the day of a zoologist like?

Two examples of what a zoologist does during the day.

  1. Taking care of the animals and making sure they have the right amount of nutrition.
  2. Talking to people about the animals.

What type of education does it require?

It requires a masters or PhD in biology or zoology.

Why would someone want to be a zoologist?

Someone might want to be a zoologist if they enjoy working with animals.

What is the hardest job for a zoologist to do?

I would say that the hardest job for a zoologist to do is field research because they have to be very quiet while taking notes at the same time. Also it is very dangerous if the animal thinks you are a threat to them.