Blog: China

By Riley Russell


China is very different than the life in the U.S. Culture, government, and even food are far from what we know. I Will be covering Food, Culture, Government, market, and laws.


China has a very different culture than the U.S. The main culture in China is Confucianism.

this religion believes in more than one god.


In China They eat all kinds of things. they will eat stuff from dogs and cats to snakes and frogs. In china's culture they prefer to use natural remedies over prescriptions.

Government and Market.

The government in china is communist meaning that they can not speak against the government and will do whatever the government says, but strangely they have a free market economy allowing people to build businesses and sell what they want. The fact that china allowed this caused several riots among citizens and students in china.


China has had a huge population problem they have implemented a law called the one child act, this act prevents families in china from having more than one child, although this law has since been relaxed a generation of only child's was born. China's population grows 7 mil a year.