LRHS Choir - Vol. 10, #4 - March 2022

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We are hosting the MISD HS Choir Solo-Ensemble Contest on March 26. Students are practicing and preparing diligently for their performances!

In addition, since we are the host school, we will need quite a few helpers. Here is a link to volunteer to help (8:00-1:30).


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A-day choirs will perform for a judge here at Lake Ridge to get feedback on our UIL preparation. As with all performances, this is a test grade.

Students will wear their choir polos and black pants.

6:00 pm Treble Choir report to choir room.

6:30 pm Treble Choir performance - parents encouraged to watch!

6:45 pm Tenor/Bass Choir report to choir room

7:15 pm Tenor/Bass Choir performance - parents encouraged to watch!


Advanced Choirs will perform at the North Texas Choral Classic at Chisholm Trail High School for their Pre-UIL evaluation. The groups will listen to each other's concerts as well as some other choirs. Parents are welcome to attend to hear our UIL music.

Students will wear their choir polos and black pants.

10:00 am Chorale and Advanced Treble report to the choir room.

10:30 am Load the bus and leave

12:20 Advanced Treble Performance - followed by short clinic by one of the judges

. 2:20 Chorale Performance - followed by short clinic by one of the judges

4:00-4:30 Estimated return time to Lake Ridge

We will have some sort of snack/lunch between groups.

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ORLANDO TRIP ** April 27 - May 1

FINANCES - The final payment is due soon, and your balance is updated online. If you ended up having overpaid after credits were applied, Green Light will be refunding the difference.

TRIP MEETING (mandatory) - TUESDAY, April 26 - 7:00 pm

Required forms, trip policies and procedures, and further details will be distributed around the beginning of April.

UPDATED ITINERARY - with which days we will be in which parks will be available soon.

RETURN FLIGHT - Please note: students will be picked up from the airport when we return the evening of May 1. We will not provide transportation back to Mansfield. We are currently schedule to arrive at LOVE FIELD in Dallas about 7:00 pm.


Choir seniors - information about how to apply for $500 Booster Club scholarships will be available after Spring Break. Start thinking about what to write in your essay about what you learned from your years in Lake Ridge Choir that will help you in the future.
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SOLO AUDITIONS || Some time around the beginning of May - Must be Disney themed.

REHEARSAL || All Choirs || May 18 (Wed.) || 3:00 - 7:00 pm || at Lake Ridge

CONCERT || May 19 (Thur.) || 7:00 pm || Willie Pigg Auditorium - choirs will report at least an hour earlier