Alberta's Regions

Foothills Region

Foothill Region.

The location of the foothills is

west,between the Boreal Forest region and the Rocky mountains region.

The animals.

The animals

  1. Are a Muskrats, Common Goldeneye, Elk, Beaver, Bars, and a Moose, and thees are some of the animals.

bodies of water.

bodies of water.

are a Gregg lake, dams, ponds, river, creeks, reservoirs.


are rolling hills, Valleys, and so many more.


July average 10 degrees celcius, January average _16 to_4 degrees celcius little rain but we have chinooks.


The jobs are a Hunter, Doctor, Teacher, and their are the others jobs.

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources are, trees, crops, wind, water, sun, oil and gas, coal, forestry, agriculture.


these are some basketball, football, soccer, baseball,

Interesting Information

small steams are good for Elk, deer, and cougars.