GHA School Newsletter

The School Scoop

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (October 2017)


Dear Parents, You may have noticed that we have taken down our school Facebook page. This was due to concerns a handful of parents made. GHA is using Facebook as a tool to share what is happening in the classroom, so parents feel more connected and informed. It is a way to celebrate the learning happening within the campus. If you do NOT want your child's image used on our school Facebook page please fill out this form with your child's full name, grade, and class teacher: . After compiling all parent concerns we will decide how to best proceed. Thank you.

GHAPTAC Information Session

We would like to formally invite all parents to a GHAPTAC information session on November 9th at 4:30pm in the dining hall. GHAPTAC is our parent association. Every parent is considered part of GHAPTAC. Parents that would like to be involved in a more active role are encouraged to join this information session. At this session parents can sign up to be classroom reps, grade level reps and we will be voting on the Chairman/Chairwoman, Vice Chairman/Chairwoman, Treasurer and the Secretary. There will also be time to discuss projects GHAPTAC will be involved in this year! Please join!

Congratulations! We are proud of you!

Some exciting things are happening around campus! Look below to see some of our star students!
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Principal's Award!

Some of our primary students were awarded a Principal's Award! These are issued for exemplary behavior, great effort in class and for being excellent role models to others. Well done! We look forward to next month's assembly where more students will be recognized.
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DELF Certificates!

Our Grade 7 students received their DELF Prim certificates from the French Institute at the residence of the French Embassy on September 27th. Our students had amazing results! Well done!
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Is your child getting enough sleep?

Sleep is important to growing brains! Please help us by making sure your child gets enough sleep. Sleepy students find it difficult to focus and perform their best. Thank you!
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