November 6-7

Technology conference

If you think of a technology conference what do you think of first? Answer! Yes engagement! You don't come to the GaETC conference to learn how to use some app, software, or any other technology. You go to be amazed, inspired, and ready to move forward. The keynote speaker Kim Bearden did that for everyone! I've attempted to share the highlights of my week.

ischool initiative

Watch the video link to learn about Travis Allen and how he stepped out of the box.

Tony VIncent is the how to guy. His website has step by step instructions for using web tools.

How to make info graphics?


Know anyone Google certified? You could be a Google certified teacher or Google Apps certified. The link below will take you to Chris Craft a teacher in Columbia, South Carolina that is all things Google.

Walker County School system

I was completly blow away by the things I heard from Walker County. They are already doing integrating agri-STEM across the school system.


What is STEM and why know? Ask yourself these questions, what does each letter mean? Not what does it stand for but what does it mean in your classroom. What is technology? We need common language on this topic before we can really move forward with STEM.

Sites to get you thinking:

That's me and my lovely wife Larisa!

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STEM tour

During the same week I was lucky enough to take a group of teachers to Hightower school in Dekalb county. My world was rocked again because of teachers stepping out of the box and creating engaging hands on learning for their students.

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My commitment statement!

Last week rekindled fires and started new ones. I heard from the trenches and the war is winnable, we just have to plan, be smart, kids first, be productive, efficient, and keep learning from each other. I learned that you have to get your feet wet and then step back and create a plan for others to follow. We have a lot of work to do, but I'm ready to engage others, inspire others, and help others have fun!