Mrs. Hepburn's Class Newsletter

October 27th, 2013

Announcements for the Week

This week the students return to Spectra, 3rd grade on Tuesday and 2nd grade on Thursday. We have library on Wednesday. I am out Wednesday for a Common Core writing meeting for 3rd grade and Mrs. Adams will be my substitute. Finally, there will not be any school on Friday. The teachers have professional development for a portion of the day.

This week also brings Halloween and the students have been excitedly explaining their costumes and family traditions they have around the holiday. If you think about it please email a picture of them dressed in the costumes, I love seeing them!

Finally, Castlio is celebrating Red Ribbon Week! Each day has a special theme, Monday is wear red day! It's perfect in honor or our Cardinals playing their final game (hopefully) to win the World Series! The counselors are collecting items for the Humane Society during Red Ribbon Week, cleaning supplies, animal treats and toys. If you are interested in donating please send your items in this week.

Common Core-English Language Arts

Second Grade

Students brought home information regarding their Flat Me's on Friday. The goal is to mail them to a friend or family member in another town, state or country and receive a letter regarding the adventure their Flat Me experienced on their visit. The pictures and letters the students receive will be used to create an interactive map we will post on our project page. This project kicks off our unit on the World Around Us; researching maps, our location in the world, changes that have taken place over time and ending with Native Americans. It will last until the end of the quarter.

Phonics for the week: Vowel Teams /au/, /aw/

August, launch, hawk, drawn, hauled, lawn, awful, sprawls, brawl, flaunt, taunt, fault, crawling, yawn

Vocabulary Words:

protect-to defend from harm

support-to hold up or serve as a foundation

circulate-move in a circle, pass around, spread, travel

In class students will:

  • read You Can't See your Bones with Binoculars, The Skeletal System, Your Bones and Skeletal System to research the skeletal system
  • read Thump, Thump and A Drop of Blood to research the circulatory system
  • read Breathe In Breathe Out, and Learning about Your Lungs to research the respiratory system
  • use information gathered from books and websites to create a "Did you Know?" body system brochure

Third Grade

Phonics for the week: Vowel Team & le Syllable
instead, puzzle, frazzle, launch, delay, stifle, tickle, Tuesday, sprawl, rescue, humble, dwindle, between, jungle, allow, mistletoe, typhoon, trapezoid, souvenir, receive

Vocabulary Words:
conclusion-the end or closing; a reasoned inference (The mystery was solved in the conclusion of the story.)
adaptation-trait or characteristic that helps an organism survive (An animal's camouflage is an adaptation to its habitat.)
ecosystem-a community of organisms and the environment in which they live; these plants and animals depend on each other to survive. (Sharks, whales, and seals all live in a marine ecosystem.)

In class students will:

  • research ecosystems using Science text various websites
  • note-take while researching an ecosystem
  • learn how to analyze and answer a prompt
  • locate words in a text that show relationships
  • build background information researching adaptations
  • begin writing expository text on an ecosystem

Visit our class website for more information:


2nd & 3rd Grade Math

2nd Grade

Students will:

  • Regroup: Trade 10 ones for 1 ten
  • Build pictures of 100
  • Work with Mulitples of 100
  • Make Hundreds, Tens and Ones
  • logic and reasoning

3rd Grade

Students will:

  • Use Fair Shares to Review Fractions
  • Find Equivalent Fractions
  • Develop Language to Compare Fractions
  • Use Pattern Blocks as Fractions
  • Visualize Halves and Fourths
  • logic and reasoning

The third grade students will have math in their regular class with me starting this week. They will visit Mrs. Warden's class in order to give me a plan time, but will be working on independent work during that time. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.