Elementary School Update

October 4, 2021

Dear Elementary Families:

The beginning of this school year has given us time to evaluate where our students are in terms of their grade-level performance in reading, writing, and math following a very challenging year where classroom experiences were far from typical, especially for our youngest learners. As we have assessed elementary student performance over this first month of school, our data is illustrating a need to make adjustments to ensure developmentally appropriate learning for all students and provide them the individualized support that they may need. Subsequently, we will make the following changes which will continue through at least the end of the second marking period.

Modifications to Instructional Time

  • Instructional time may be adjusted to provide additional focus on mathematics, reading, and writing.

  • Social studies and science standards may be integrated into English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

  • Teachers may adjust the pace of the instruction based on the needs of their individual students.

Changes in Grading

Literacy and mathematics are our priority focus areas as we work to support all students according to their individual needs. As such, grading for the first and second marking periods will be as follows:

For Mathematics & English/Language Arts

Students in grades 2-5 will receive a grade description of A, B, C, or Progressing. Any student who receives Progressing will receive a written narrative that discusses specific concerns and interventions that are being provided to them.

Social Studies & Science

Students will be evaluated using the following progress indicators of Consistently Evident, Developing, or Having Difficulty.

Addressing the individual learning needs of students has always been a priority for our schools and we will continue with this work to support our students as we strive for on-grade level performance. Please reach out to your child’s teacher or school principal if you have any additional questions.

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