Buy your tickets TODAY!

... our auction is on Saturday, February 24!

Wednesday, January 31 deadline for the discounted rate!

Don't miss your chance to partake in these teachers' auction items - these go on sale at the auction itself and regularly sell out!

  • Mr. Thompson: Take me out to the A's game! (one student + one friend)
  • Ms. Forbes, Ms. Steimle, Mrs. Watson: Kindergarten "Backyard Romp" with games and a bounce house
  • Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Holman: 1st grade "Picnic in the Park"
  • Ms. Carter: 2nd grade movie & lunch (one student + two friends)
  • Mr. Kloess, Ms. Contreras, Mrs. Townsend: 3rd grade lunch and ice cream at Fenton's
  • Ms. Novak, Ms. Gustafson: 4th grade "BBQ Party" with food and games
  • Mr. Wilkins, Mrs. Bernard, Ms. Contreras, Mrs. Larsen: Legendary Lock-In Night - what really happens? No one knows!
  • Coach Johnson: After school Dungeons & Dragons

What Else Can I Do?

With only 24 days to go, we really need you to:

  • Be there... buy Tickets! :)
  • Donate something... we are still looking for items! Dig deep for cool live auction items - sports tickets, great shows, vacation homes all over the place!
  • Help out... volunteer on the day/night of the event - it takes a BIG village!
  • Dress up... from casual to costume to cocktail attire... ANYTHING GOES!

Thornhill Auction

Saturday, Feb. 24th, 6-11pm

4700 Lincoln Avenue

Oakland, CA

Buy Tickets by January 31 for the discounted rate!

  • $129 per couple
  • $65 per person

On February 1, the price increases to $159 per couple and $80 per person.

Your Teacher Might Be There!

There's no better way to get to know your teacher! These teachers are already signed up:

Mr. Thompson

Ms. Forbes

Ms. Watson

Ms. Steimle

Ms. Holman

Ms. Holland

Ms. Contreras

Ms. Gustafson

Ms. Novak

And these staff and aides!

Sally Bonini

Cybele Machardy

Judy Anderson

Steven Daubenspeck

Zettie Ruane


Get your picture taken in your amazing costume!

These are some photos from last year. Doesn't everyone look like they are having an amazing time? This could be you this year!