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May 5, 2019

Next Year

Big changes are happening.

* Melissa Wilkins will be joining Beth Stratton for the next school year.

*Amanda Saluzzi will be joining Amy Hachinsky for the next school year.

We have hired the following folks so far:

Audrey Wood, SLP (to replace Cheri Gutekunst)

Melissa Eagan ECSE Paraprofessional


April Parent Teacher conference dates have moved to April 1 & 2. We will be working this next year to change the Board Policy, but until then....we will make it work for the 2019-2020 school year.

Big picture
Big picture

Save the Date:

Friday, September 20th at 6:30....we hope to have one rocking "Back to School/End of Summer" concert at the Legacy Park Amphitheater. Mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us! More info to come....but it isn't Rod Stewart (I tried, he did not email me back).

Make sure to talk to families about the summer Conscious Discipline class

Open to any family or staff member for free this summer. This is an amazing value and a fabulous opportunity for those who could use a deep dive into Conscious Discipline, but can't make the week long training happen. There are two dates, they are identical classes, we are simply offering two dates to accommodate schedules and create more attendance opportunity.

Book Study this Summer: The Great Disconnect in Early Childhood Education by Michael Gramling

We will be exploring one really out of the box book this summer. It is actually a little painful for the first few chapters. It is OUT THERE! This is achievement gap work, we often serve achievement gap families and their children.

The first few chapters talk about why our thinking about preschool may not be what it needs to be and is critical of:

Learning Standards for Preschoolers

Decoding Print for 3 & 4 year old brains

Narrowly focused on "Kindergarten readiness"

Development vs. Learning

It then goes on to discuss what we could do:

change how we think about our work

change how we do our work

change expectations to match brain development

It is out of the box, but there are some points in this book that are stunning! I never read a book or learn something new and buy in 100%. Like most of life, there is something to take away, but the entire book is not spot on.

I have noticed for years that we sometimes speak to our children in the classroom unnaturally. So interesting that this book spoke to this phenomenon.

We know that our kids are struggling social emotionally so much more than they were 5-10 years ago. We know that we take more data globally. We know that we have Learning Standards/IEP goals to meet. Can we do what we need to, but drop the rest and have quality experiences? I think maybe we can....this may invite us to think about what your heart says you should be doing with kids and what you feel you must be doing with kids.

We will buy you a book if your interested in it. We will invite you to come to a discussion, but that is not mandatory. We do stunning things with children and families, but what a lovely idea to dream and think about the possibilities of change to benefit our children.

School Supply Lists

We will no longer be included on the district school supply list (our request). Each teacher will create their own list. This list will be due at checkout prior to leaving for the summer. This individual teacher supply list should be clear, not include brand names and be under $40 in total. We will hand these out at August enrollment and then you will hand them out at Meet Your Teacher. This allows each program to customize their list to meet their students individual needs. If you have any questions, please see Kerry. Head Start is not allowed to have a list, so we will not be including lists from these program teachers.

May 13th at noon....special event

We have a short little special event planned for May 13th at noon. If you happen to be at GBEEC at this time on this day, stop by the MPR to see what is going on. It is not a mandatory attendance event, just a fun little inspiring event to celebrate!

Paraprofessional Professional Development Logs

I understand that paraprofessionals received an email this week that had the Professional Development Log for the 18-19 school year embedded. The direction was to send these to someone somewhere (I did not get the email, only heard about it). Please plan to print the form, complete the form and turn into me (like normal) on the last day that you work. THANKS

Two Professional Development Opportunities

Conscious Discipline 1: Kansas City, June 10-14, 8:00-5:00, we have 10 spots, we need to fill them all. Please let me know if you are interested!!

Inspiring Project Work in Young children: UMKC, October 12, 8:00-8:30—Registration 8:30-12:00—Presentations and Tour of the UMKC Berkley CFDC....Judy Harris Helm, Keynote speaker

Our Week

Monday - Jeanie here, Kerry to "All Year Study Team" Mtg at SLC 2:30-4:30

Tuesday - here

Wednesday - here

Thursday - here

Friday - Jeanie here, Kerry to Early Ed Expansion Team Mtg 10:30-12:30