The Mouse and the Snake

By: Jessica Bell

Fable Story

One day a mouse was out in about in the forest getting berries. A few minutes later hears a faint cry. As he got closer to it the cry started to sound like, ‘’Help…Help… ‘’ When he reached the sound there was a snake lying there on the ground sick to his stomach. ‘’Do you need help’’ asked the mouse. The snake replied, ’’Oh yes, yes I do need some help’’ he said in a sick voice. ‘’I’m very sick. I have no shelter or food.’’ The mouse thought for a second until his lightbulb went off. ‘’You could come to my home and stay with me for a little while’’ the mouse said. ‘’That would be wonderful.’’ The snake and the mouse traveled and traveled until they reached a little house in the middle of the valley. They walked up to the front door, opened it, and then went inside. You look very hungry’’ said the mouse. ‘’I am very hungry. It would be nice if you could make something for me’’ the snake said. ‘’Well of course, you are my guest’’ the mouse said as he walked into the kitchen.

One hour later, the mouse came back into the room, but the snake was gone. All of a sudden the snake pops out of now where and eats the mouse. He said, ‘’Why thank you for my delicious meal mouse.’’ He walked out of the house laughing an evil laugh.

Theme: Don't Trust Strangers