Social Media Addiction

Will there ever be a cure?

My attempt at 24 hours without Social Media

I say attempt but I should probably say failed attempt. I took those last two minutes to Snapchat/text goodbye to my friends telling them that I was going to stay off of all social media for the whole day. However, what I didn't think about was that they were all going to respond and I wouldn't be able to answer or explain my spontaneous actions or at least not until later. Anyways, I lasted through the first block, easy. I actually thought maybe I could make it. But good things always seem to come to an end, and as I stepped foot into my next class, my phone started buzzing and buzzing. It was Snapchat. “Ding” a light bulb went off in my head and I remembered that my boyfriend doesn't have any service in school so the only way we usually communicate is through the Snapchat chat box (because he figured out a way to get internet connection). I lasted through second block, but I started to feel guilty. Then, it happened. I typed in my password and there it was, the little white ghost with the yellow background staring back at me. I tried to justify my actions in my head: "It’s the only way to communicate with him", "it's not like I'm posting anything on my story or am on Instagram." But honestly, I feel like by the end of the day I would've just logged on anyway and mindlessly scrolled through my feed because it has become a habit. In addition, I know it doesn’t make my failure any less of a failure but out of all the social media I just used the Snapchat chat area to message my friends, so basically like texting except through other means. I did not go on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any other social media website. So although, I know I can still probably be described as another social media addicted teenager, I think I did okay. I will definitely try the challenge again because it has made me realize just how dependent I am of my social media, and I think it’s silly to be controlled by something that can just as easily be learned about through talking to people face to face.