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Wednesday 24th August 2022

Message from our Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

Last year our House leaders were tasked with a very important project. They were asked to gather student thoughts and ideas around a new top playground, including equipment they would like, colours, materials and layout. After meeting with Melissa from Park Supplies and Playgrounds the house leaders were able to share a variety of catalogue ideas with the students using key aspects of BOSS - Balance and body control equipment, Overhead strength, Scaling, climbing and sideways movement and Safety. Following the presenting and collecting of ideas from our students, our new top playground was designed on paper. You will have noticed our old playground has been dismantled and the ground has been cleared and filled ready for our new top playground to be installed.

On Monday Mr Weston and I accompanied the house leaders to the Park Supplies and Playgrounds factory. This experience gave our house leaders the opportunity to see how their playground is being made and to have a hands-on experience by screwing in some of the nuts and bolts into the climbing wall frame and preparing some playground rope.

We expect to have the new playground installed by the middle of September. We will have a playground opening on Thursday 22nd September at 12:00pm and invite you all to join us. A huge thank you to the Board of Trustees who have been supportive of this project and are funding the new top playground which will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Welcome to our new students and whanau who have joined Pinehill School. We have had new enrolments of late across all age groups. To support the transition to our school and how we do things at Pinehill, please refer to school docs where you will find all our school policies and procedures.

Username: pinehill

Password: pinehillway

I have included the Pinehill School Behaviour Management plan below for easy access as well as our concerns and or complaints process. Any matter concerning your child/pupils coming from parents should in the first instance be directed to the classroom teacher. Please see the process outlined below.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

Success is not the work of one but the work of many.

Ngā mihi nui,

Carla Veldman, Principal

Our New Top Playground Design - Coming soon!

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Pinehill School Behaviour Management

Our expectations, procedures and support plan were reviewed by staff, a parent group and BoT in

2021 and now include guidance for parents. Please look at the attached documents which are also available on the school website.

The Pinehill Way outlines the values identified by our community as the foundation for constructive

relationships and behaviour for all. Staff model positive behaviour and set expectations, knowing that

wellbeing is a key element of the foundation for a ‘learning focused’ environment. The Pinehill Way is

displayed in the playground, classrooms, the hall and available on the school website in several

languages. We use Respect and Integrity, aim for Excellence, learn Resilience and to take

Responsibility for actions and choices.

Concerns and Complaints


Matters concerning pupils coming from parents should in the first instance be directed to the classroom teacher.

See SchoolDocs for further information by searching ‘concerns and complaints.’

The Principal endeavours to assist parents to see these as matters of concern rather than as complaints. Often concerns can be cleared up simply with a little discussion. However, it is not always necessary for all matters involving parents to be referred through the principal. In fact, many matters are better handled on an informal basis by teachers.

Whenever a matter is significant, or if a parent feels the matter has not been resolved, it must be referred to the deputy principal or principal. Parents are not permitted to complain, nor to abuse a teacher in front of pupils.

We are protected legally from such actions. Process outlined below (also found in school docs).

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KINDO - Upgrade

Personalised accounts on Kindo – temporarily unavailable

We are making some upgrades behind the scenes with your personalised accounts on Kindo.

This means the Fees and Donations option will be unavailable for approximately 5 working days.

This upgrade will begin on the 26th August 2022, to minimise disruption to you.

Our Kindo Shop will still be open, so you will still be able to pay for trips and camps, order lunches and purchase uniform items during this time.

Thanks for your patience with the upgrade, and we will let you know when you can view and make payments on your personalised accounts again.

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Empathy is our ability to connect with someone by feeling what they feel and seeing their situation the way they do.

Check out this powerful video to remind you about the positive effects of showing empathy.

Empathy can change the world

In Room 7, we recently discussed why it is important to support others. The rangatahi’s comments reflect a deep understanding of the benefits of helping others for both the recipient as well as themselves as the supporter.

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It is good to be reminded of these points as we weave kindness and support into our daily lives.

Walking School Bus

Walking School Bus (WSB)

Good to See You!

Good to see so many kids walking with the Walking School Bus this week!

Pinehill Penguins Route runs from Monday to Friday (morning only). For more details please go to and contact the parent for the route you are wanting to join.

We would also like to hear from parents who have children living towards East Coast Road or the eastern end of Spencer Road, who would be interested in being part of a Walking School Bus along Spencer Road. Even if you can only commit to one day a week (Morning/Afternoon) then that is fine. Could any interested parents please contact Mr Rogers at

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25th Silver Jubilee Birthday Celebrations at Pinehill School - See website for details

Art Exhibition - Save the date!

Save the Date - Pinehill School Art Exhibition is coming! Monday 19th September

Every two years we hold an art exhibition to celebrate the talents and efforts of our students and staff in the area of visual arts. Covid has altered our usual timeline for this. However we are delighted to announce that our Pinehill School Art Exhibition will be going ahead this term. Save the date, Monday 19th September 5pm is our Opening Night and an event not to be missed. Our Kapa Haka group will be opening this special event and your children can show you the masterpieces they have been working on all year which will be on display at the exhibition. You will be absolutely wowed with an incredibly colourful display of art, covering a range of media. More information to come. In the meantime, block out your calendars for this exciting event.

Friends of the school

Jesters Pie Day is EVERY TUESDAY!! Orders close a day prior (Monday) at 11 am.

Fun Food Friday – This Friday, 26th August

It’s Fun Food Friday this week! Online orders close tonight, Wednesday 24th August. Don’t miss out! Please place your orders using the Kindo Online Shop. Lunch will be delivered to your child’s classroom at lunchtime. For every order, we raise $1 for the school. We appreciate your support!

We will be selling snacks in the hall foyer at lunchtime between 12.40 pm and 1 pm. From the health point of view, we suggest 1-2 snacks and a $5 note is enough for your child.

Yummy Stickers

Eat YUMMY apples and collect the stickers for new sports gear for our school! Promotion runs through to the end of the term 3. Please drop off all your collection sheets to the box outside the health room. Thank you for your support!

Pinehill School PTA - Friends of Pinehill School

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Room 1 - Quentin Lyu

Room 2 - Devanshi Nair

Room 3 - Iris Jiang

Room 4 - Mishel Alrashed

Room 5 - Roy Wang

Room 6 - Emma Zhang

Room 7 - Ben Fu

Room 8 - Hayley Yu

Room 9 - Cindy Shen

Room 10 - Ryan Brunton

Room 11 - Aiyana Whaanga

Room 12 - Emma Dong

Room 13 - Samantha Tamayo

Room 14 - Emily Zhu

Room 15 - Jayden Kim

Room 16 - Jessica Tian

Room 17 - Artemis Yang

Room 18 - Hannah Su

Room 19 - Wilson Zeng

Room 20 - Kingsley Yang

Winning House - Kawau

NETBALL - Players of the day

Year 5 Pinehill Dragons

Indy Hendricks and Emily Ke

Year 6 Pinehill Ponies

Sally Kim

Armanee Tapu

Basket Ball - Players of the day

Basketball Juniors -

Kingsley Yang

Year 3/4 Pinehill Wizards -

Daniel Xu

Year 3/4 Pinehill Magic -

Week 1 - Cindy Shen

Week 2 - Kobe Taylor

Week 3 - Rocco Robinson

Year3/4 Pinehill Pirates -

Oscar Yang

Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat -

Lucas Staples

Year 5/6 Pinehill Pistons -

Splash Polo - Players of the day

Hunter Taylor and Nixon Robinson

Pinehill School Policies

All School policies are available through School Docs – click here

Logon – Pinehill

password – pinehillway

Kāhui Ako Cyber Safety Evening that will be held at Rangitoto College Auditorium on 29th September (7pm-9pm). Tickets are $10. Available from

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