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Wellwood International Elementary Newsletter September 2018

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Wellwood Families,

We are off to a great start for the 2018– 2019 school year! It has been wonderful to welcome back our boys and girls, as well as to meet our new students. When I walk into classrooms, it is obvious that Wellwood’s students and teachers are back to learning.

The next time you are at Wellwood, please be sure to say hello to Wellwood’s new Assistant Principal, Mr. Alex Paradis. To find out more information about Mr. Paradis, read the information below.

Safety is important! When you do visit Wellwood, please remember that all visitors need to bring a government issued ID each time they come into the building. If you arrange for one of your authorized emergency contacts to pick up your child, they must bring ID.

I also encourage all families to join the PTA. Our PTA is very active in supporting school events, activities, and teachers. We are grateful to the assistance of the PTA and love to see new faces. Our next PTA meeting is October 15 in the school library.

As I have said before, my door is always open, and I encourage you to keep me a partner in your child’s learning.

Yours truly,

Mrs. O’Neill

Important Dates to Remember

October 5 Boxtops Due

October 8 Buster the Bus Visits Kindergarten 9:30 A.M.

October 15 Picture Day

October 15 PTA Meeting 5:30 P.M. | Library | Topic: Reading Strategies

October 19: MSDE Convention: No school for students

November 10: PHS 5K Turkey Trot, 9:00 A.M. Race Time | Register Here!

November 16: Magnet applications due

Meet Mr. Paradis, our New Assistant Principal!

Dear Wellwood Families,

I started working with children with autism in 2008 when I worked for a company on the Autism waiver. Through this, I developed a love for special education and just working with kids in general. I graduated from Towson University with a dual-degree in special education and elementary education. I started working for BCPS in 2011 as a behavior learning support (BLS) teacher. I worked in that classroom for four years before moving into a general education 4th grade classroom for two years. Last year, I was an inclusion special educator and back-up IEP chair.

When the opportunity to work at Wellwood International presented itself, I knew that interviewing for the assistant principal job was a dream come true. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Wellwood’s students, and I am excited for a great year. Do not be afraid to talk Orioles baseball or Ravens football with me. Those are my teams, through the good and the bad.

I look forward to meeting you and/or speaking with you more this year!


Mr. Paradis

Counselor's Connection

Welcome back to another exciting year at Wellwood! My name is Mrs. Delis and this is my 8th year working as a School Counselor at Wellwood International School. The School Counseling Program at Wellwood will work to support all students’ social-emotional, academic, and career development throughout the school year. This month, I will visit your child’s class to explain the role of the school guidance counselor.

The beginning of the school year is a great time to establish after school routines that will aid in your child’s school success. Helping with homework, creating checklists, and speaking with your child about their school day are simple ways to encourage their success. Please visit for additional ways to help support your child throughout the school year.

Please feel free to contact me by phone (410-887-1212) or email ( throughout the school year! I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!


Mrs. Delis

Emergency Information

It is important that all families return the Student Contact Information sheet that was sent home with children on the first day of school. Without the information on this form we will be unable to contact family members in the event of an emergency. The school will release your children to only the people whose names you have listed on the form.

The emergency forms are essential in the event that Wellwood International Elementary needs to close early. In the event that all Baltimore County schools close early, parents will not be contacted individually. As a courtesy to our families a School Messenger call will be sent out from the school to the primary phone number and email listed on your emergency card. is a great resource for school closings. If you follow their links to “alerts” and enter your email address you will receive an email whenever schools close early.

In the event that only Wellwood closes early, we will contact parents through a School Messenger call and use the information on the Student Contact Information to determine how the child will be dismissed.

Please help us by returning Student Contact Information as soon as possible. All forms should be returned to your children’s homeroom teachers.

Baltimore County Public Schools has an app. Consider downloading BCPS Now and you will be alerted to emergency school closings, as well as have the BCPS calendar at your fingertips!

The I.B. Program

Wellwood’s Magnet Focus- International Studies

We are currently in International Baccalaureate (IB) Candidacy- Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Learning in the PYP is supported by six transdisciplinary themes:

Students explore the commonalities of human experience and investigate these themes in what teachers call a programme of inquiry.

These six PYP themes puts students at the center of the learning process:

Who we are

Inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; person, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; and human relationships.

Where we are in place and time

Inquiry into our orientation in place and time; personal histories; the discoveries and explorations of humankind; and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations.

How we express ourselves

Inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values.

How the world works

Inquiry into the natural world and its laws, the interaction between the natural world and human societies; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.

How we organize ourselves

Inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; and their impact on humankind and the environment.

Sharing the planet

Inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and other living things; access to equal opportunities; and peace and conflict resolution.

Volunteering at Wellwood

Are you interested in volunteering or chaperoning field trips?

All volunteers/ field trip chaperones must complete the volunteer application and participate in an orientation/training session annually. Please click on the link below to access information about volunteering at Wellwood International.

Each year, all volunteers must complete the volunteer application and participate in an orientation/training session. In order to complete the training please complete the following steps:

1. Visit the BCPS website:

2. Click on the tab labeled “Community”

3. Select “Volunteer with BCPS”

4. Please follow the volunteer instructions.

Once you have completed the training, please print out the “Certificate of Completion” and “Volunteer Application” and bring it to Wellwood. If you are not able to complete the volunteer training at home, please contact Mrs. Delis at 410-887-1212 to set up an alternative time.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


Wellwood International Elementary School's front doors open for children at 9:05 A.M., each morning. Supervision of students is not provided before this time. If your child is a walker, please have your children arrive at school no earlier than 9:05 A.M..


Parents are asked to assist with dismissal procedures by making certain that children are clear about dismissal plans before they enter school each morning. Last minute changes in plans are often confusing to children. All changes in transportation plans must be put in writing with the day’s date and sent to the children’s teachers on the morning of the change. When requesting that a change be made in their children’s dismissal plans, parents will be asked to send in a signed and dated note the day of the change. In the event that a change must be made during the school day, please call the school office.

Changes made after 3:00 PM cannot be honored by the office. After this time, the secretaries are busy contacting children and teachers about the changes called into the office earlier in the day. Arrival and dismissal times at Wellwood are busy times. We are asking your help to ensure that all of our students arrive safely at school in the morning and at home in the afternoon

Carpool & Bus Loop


Carpool is a community effort to speed up your drop-off and pick-up at Wellwood International. The goal is to provide safe arrival and dismissal procedures for your children. Carpool hours are 9:05– 9:20 AM and 3:55– 4:05 PM. Please use the side parking lot area to drop off and pick up students. Students should not be dropped off early as there is no supervision until 9:05 AM. Please be alert and aware that young children are in the carpool area. It is important that all drivers are alert and paying attention. Thank you to ALL of the teachers, parents and students who are working hard to make our carpool area a success!

Bus Loop

For the safety of our students, please do not use the bus loop from

8:45 to 9:30 AM and 3:30 to 4:20 PM.

Bus Safety and Rules

The school day starts at the bus stop for many students. We have the same expectations for students when they are on the bus as when they are in the school building. Wellwood Elementary School students need to follow these bus rules:

1. Follow directions from the driver the first time they are given.

2. Stay in your seat at all times while the bus is in motion.

3. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.

4. Keep hands, feet, legs, arms, personal property, and your voice to yourself.

5. No eating, drinking, cell phones, or vulgar language at any time on the bus.

Please reinforce the rules and importance of following the rules with our children. Parents are reminded to report any concerns regarding student bus behavior to the bus drivers or to the school administration. Parents are not allowed to get on a bus to confront the bus driver or other children.

School Safety Plan

All Baltimore County Public Schools are required to have a detailed School Emergency Safety Plan. These plans will help to ensure the safety of all Baltimore County Public School students, staff members, and visitors. The plans are updated each year and copies are sent to the local police and fire departments. During the school year, a variety of drills, including fire, evacuation, lock down, and severe weather will be conducted. One important aspect of the plan includes detailed procedures necessary for accounting for all members of the school community in the event of an emergency.

This is one reason that it is critical that all visitors sign in and out, as they enter and leave the school. Be sure to return your badge to the front office as you leave the building. If visitors happen to be in the school building during an emergency, we need to be able to account for everyone in the building. The goal of the plan is to keep all members of the community safe and secure. Your assistance with the procedures is greatly appreciated.

Medication Policy

As in previous years, a doctor’s note is required for all medications that need to be given in school (both prescription and nonprescription). Included in the doctor’s note should be the child’s name, the name of the medication, dosage, time of administration, how long the medication should be given, and any possible side effects. Parents also need to give written permission for the school nurse to administer the medication. All medicines should be in a properly labeled bottle. No medicine in baggies will be accepted. All medicine is to be kept in the nurses’ office – not with the child. Finally, the medicine should be brought to school by a parent or other responsible adult. As in the past couple of years, the discretionary medication policy is being offered. Unlike the above policy, this allows the regular school nurse to administer designated over-the-counter medications provided by the Health Department. This program is for occasional use only and not for a child with a chronic health concern. Each year, consent forms must be renewed. If you have more than one child in the school, a separate form must be completed for each child. If you have any questions regarding either of the medication programs, the please contact the School Nurse, Mrs. Seidler at 410-602-0642.

Wellwood PTA

The PTA is excited for another school year! We are an active PTA with monthly meetings designed to keep you informed. Our meetings occur on the third Monday of every month at 5:30 P.M. in the library.

Next Meeting: October 15, 2018 at 5:30 P.M.

Come meet Wellwood's Reading Specialist, who will discuss Reading Strategies to practice with your child at home.


Members of our current board will be stepping down at the end of the school year. We are looking for new leaders and new members who would be interested in stepping up to help lead our PTA.

Light refreshments will be served. Come meet and mingle with other parents! Membership forms will be available. It's never too late to join the PTA!

Current Board:

President: Shannon Johnson

Treasurer: Amie Liely

Secretary: Kia Stanfield

Social Media: Tracy Daniel


We collect BoxTops all year long! Our first deadline for Boxtops is October 5. Please bring in your Boxtops in a plastic ziploc baggie, or paste them to a collection sheet you can access here.

Celebrating Birthdays

Birthday Celebrations

Although we love a good party, did you know that we have many students at Wellwood with severe or life-threatening food allergies? In order to keep ALL students safe, we have guidelines for birthday celebrations for Wellwood Elementary.

If you are interested in celebrating your child’s birthday, the only allowable celebration idea would be non-food celebrations. This might be a small favor bag for each child, which may contain small favor bags (pencils, stickers, glow sticks, erasers, notepads, etc.).

You might also consider the following:

  • Donate a book to the class library and schedule a time to read it to them
  • Donate classroom supplies (books, games)
  • Donate recess items (balls, hula hoops, etc.) to the class in the student’s honor
  • Create a treasure box with donations of non-food items for students to choose from as a reward

Please check with the classroom teacher in advance to ensure acceptability for the class and to provide advance notice for scheduling purposes.

Wellwood International Elementary School Mission

Wellwood International strives to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring students in an engaging, rigorous and multi-cultural environment to instill inter-cultural understanding and respect.

Wellwood International Elementary School Vision

Empowering inquiring minds to change the world.
Wellwood is a Maryland Green School

To learn more about our Green School status, you can also visit our school website.

About Us

Principal Mrs. Jodi O'Neill

Assistant Principal Mr. Paradis

Other Important Numbers:


School FAX: 410-887-1213

Guidance: 410-887-1212