Isambrad Brunel

By Tai Nguyen


Brunel was born April 9, 1806 in Portsmouth, virgnia. he went to school at the university of Caen lower Normandy . He lived in London and America.


He started out working in construction with his dad and later moved on to bigger projects. on of his greatest projects was his construction of the great western railway. he stated " I am doing to design... a station after my own fancy; that is, with engineering roofs". before he started the great western railway which stretched from London to west and east western England and than to most of whales. he transformed the railway industry mostly because he used a broad gauge. most people at the time were using standard gauge for there trains but Brunel felt like with the design of their track that broad-gauge was best suited for what they built. he also constructed the SS great Britain which was also one of his best designs.


his dad worked as a naval officer for France but when tensions grew in the war he quickly fled to Britain for safety to work as a civil engineer. he later fled to America leaving his wife behind to be imprisoned for being an alien enemy. After her sentence was over she came to America to find marc Brunel and start a family. When isambard grew up he had a family of his own. his wife was named Maria Elisabeth Horsley, they had three kids, isamard Jr. ,hennery marc, and Florence Mary.

interesting facts

  • One of his main mentors was Gemma brogan, she helped him through his rough family issues
  • Brunel was diagnosed with brights disease which is a type of kidney disease.
  • The way people describe him on websites make him seem like he changed the way people think about change in design and construction.

last days

Brunel was diagnosed with a kidney disease called brights disease. but later suffered from a stroke on September 15, 1859