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Polk County Sheriff

Rocky King discusses Accountability and Cooperation


As Sheriff of Polk County, I should and will be accountable to the citizens. My door will always be open, my policy is that I will be available for you to personally discuss the issues that are important to you. Additionally, just as I am accountable, so will the personnel that work under my supervision. Serving as the chief for the last 16 years I have found that supervising personnel is a tough, yet rewarding job. As sheriff, I would continue to demonstrate my ability to be that leader and be that sheriff that listens to the citizens when they have concerns. I am willing to make the tough decisions and be accountable.


Communication and a good working relationship with the surrounding areas is something that we must have. Criminals are not just committing crimes in their own county or state. Criminals are not afraid to cross the county or state lines to commit burglary, drug trafficking and other crimes. Often times the criminals think that they will have a better chance of not getting caught if they go where no one can recognize them. Through better relationships with surrounding agencies we can solve crimes and even prevent crimes from occurring. I am skilled in building these cooperative efforts and will continue to build more cooperative efforts as the Sheriff of Polk County.

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