Stress Release

By: Erick Islas


It is important to stay stress free because you can be happier and don't have to worry as much stuff that was keeping you busy most of the time

A long term goal for myself is to go to a college, able to do sports in college also and, graduating.

“It really gets grim until the competition begins. You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement." -Prefontaine

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Stressors

Ch. 2 Take care myself

Ch. 3 Learn to relax

Ch. 4 Change my attitude

Ch. 5 Manage my time

Ch. 6 Laughter

Chapter 1: Stressors

Five things that stress me out:

- Having to take home a lot of homework knowing its due the next day.

- Having to do sports and getting home until 6:30 to do school work.

- Watching my sister on the weekends when I have to do sports and wondering how I'm going to put in the time.

-How am I going to finish school work with other work that takes longer.

-Staying up late working instead of resting.

Chapter 2: Take care myself

-Two exercises that'll keep me fit is running and playing soccer.

- My favorite dream was when I found some money on the floor. After that there was a trail of single dollar bills all the way back to a store.

- My favorite healthy snacks are granola bars.

Chapter 3: Learn to relax


-Not to worry about anything.




-Spend time with self

-Going out with friends


-Do sports

-Watch movies

-Go out to eat.

-Watch videos




Chapter 4: Change your attitude

5 things I like about myself is:

- I can run

- I like my personal height

-I like how I am not judgmental

- I can get a long with anyone

- I am practically serious most of the time.

In cross country the coach made me run a non competitive race as he took me off from the competitive race. I knew I had to run harder and faster than the others to be back at that spot and now the coach knows that he can put me in the competitive races.

Chapter 5: Manage your time

Five ways to manage your time is:

- Do my home work when I have extra time in other classes.

- Going home and start working on it right away then do personal things.

- Using class time more responsibly.

- Do work in my advisory.

- doing work when I am waiting for the bus to go home.

Chapter 6: Laughter

Five things that make me laugh are :

- When people tell jokes

- Videos I like to watch

- Pranks

- Sarcasm from my mom

- Cat videos

Why couldn't the skeleton go to the movies?

It didn't have ANYBODY to go with.