Bullock End-of-Year Drive-Through!

Event Details

We will be holding 3 Grade-Level DRIVE-THROUGH’s during the week of 6/8. This will give families the opportunity to close-out the school year, and for teachers/aides/students to say their goodbyes as we head into summer break!
  • The Bullock Staff will be lined-up on the sidewalk along the front of the Bullock School to greet the kiddos with signs, waves, cheers, decorations, treats...or whatever they choose (as long as social distancing is maintained), so expect plenty of surprises!
  • To our Bullock Families: Join in on the FUN! Decorate your cars or play some kid-friendly music! Let's celebrate TOGETHER as you drive-through our bus lane!

Gr1 Drive-Through (w/Ms. Masso's Class)

Monday, June 8th, 9-10:30am

Bullock School Bus Lane

Gr2 Drive-Through (w/Ms. Marques' Class)

Tuesday, June 9th, 9-10:30am

Bullock School Bus Lane

Gr3 Drive-Through (w/Ms. Romalino's Class)

Wednesday, June 10th, 9-10:30am

Bullock School Bus Lane

Health & Safety Requirements

  • Faculty participants will remain below the 25-person limit for attending outdoor activities & will adhere to social distancing requirements (1 person every 6’).
  • All staff will submit their temperature prior to arrival (per district policy) & masks must be worn.
  • Families will not be permitted to exit their cars & will follow a specific drive-through route (see the map below). "Walkers" are not permitted on school grounds.
  • This event adheres to the applicable guidelines listed in Executive Order 142 & 148 (see below for both EO's).

Bullock Drive-Through Route

Big picture

Bullock's BOOM! Board

You're the Best! Shout-outs to everyone that helped make this event a reality!
  • Chief Pollilo and the GPD for providing feedback and traffic support!
  • Detective Manning and the OEM for their feedback!
  • Dr. Silverstein & the BOE for all their support!
  • The Bullock Staff for planning and brain-storming! You're the BEST!

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Bullock Teacher Appreciation 2019-20