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Candid Conversations with Product Practitioners

Celebrating Product Leaders in India
You might be a Product Architect, Poduct Manager, Engineering Guru or a Design Dude - but if your passion is building and launching awesome products - you are a PRODUCT LEADER! Our mission is to develop a strong ecosystem of building and accelerating career paths for product leaders

Relevant Tracks | Skill Building Workshops
No gyan, just the pure insights on best practices from real practitioners. Beyond "entertaining" talks and interesting panel discussions, there are preconference certificate workshops for 3 days that deliver actionable tips and tricks that can be applied in workplace, the very next day. Full schedule is here

No sugar coating, just candid conversations with people who matter!

Connect with Industry Execs
This is an "invite" only event. This means not only the content is curated by product professionals but so the attendance! Connect with CEOs and Industry Execs in the product leadership forum and build lifelong relationships with seniors orfellow peers.

"Not for Profit" Initiative
Our intent is to build a vibrant forum of product leaders. The conference is a culmination of Speakers hosted during several Industry Connect Events hosted for the past one year.

Your registration fees are essentially covering costs and with sponsorship if we have extra funds left it will be returned to the community in terms of additional events/resources/books etc. Active volunteers will also get a refund of the registration fees at the end of the event.

Full Agenda:

Conference Details

Friday, Feb. 20th 2015 at 9am-6pm

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Bengaluru, KA

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