come to cityWOOHOO!😎

cityWOOHOO!😎 is the city of the future

cityWOOHOO!😎 will satisfy your every need, with buildings and roads such as-

museum: triangles. shipping warehouse: rectangles. post office: squares. office/work building: sphere. play place: triangles. medical center: cylinder. watch tower: squares. parallel road: parallel lines. acute lane: acute angle and parallel lines. perpendicular place: perpendicular and parallel lines. right angle road: right angle and parallel lines. obtuse drive: obtuse angle and parallel lines. intersecting drive: intersecting lines. intersecting intersection: parallel and intersecting lines. perpendicular lane: perpendicular and parallel lines.

Our Happy Citizens

"cityWOOHOO! is so mlg!!!" according to jar jar binks

cityWOOHOO! is awesome! says Iron Man.

"I love cityWOOHOO! " states gandalf

so come on down to cityWOOHOO!