Captain Changemerica

The Man For Peace And Change Who Was Forced To Turn To War.

Wilson defeated his evil nemesis with the power of the people on his side. He advocated for peace and only went to war when necessary. He worked to change all aspects of his campus, mobilized a nation, and fermented the people's backing for the war due to the invisioning of a world in which freedom, justice and peace could flourish.


My Presidential Sidekick would be Ida Tarbel because she was also against trusts and monopolies. She targeted the Standard Oil Company and its monopolization of the industry which led to the 1911 Supreme Court decision to break up the Standard Oil Trust.

The Warker

Deck Of Cards

Kaiser Wilhelm II was at the top of the evil nemesis list due to his persistent wanting of war with the US. Although Woodrow consistently used his slogan "He kept us out of war", he had no choice but to declare after the announcement that unrestricted submarine warfare had started. Also, Kaiser's generals dictated policy during WWI with little regard for the civilian government, he made tactless pronouncements on sensitive topics without consulting his ministers, and a number of foreign affair and social issues.

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