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Online Program | March 2022

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A Word from Janae Smith, Director of Online Learning

Oprah Winfrey said, “Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your way, can illuminate the world.” With the spring semester in full swing, the online learning scholars are working hard in their courses and learning labs. Scholars inspire each other and collaborate with their peers. During synchronous homeroom sessions, the online teachers led discussions focused on Women’s History Month and highlighted their accomplishments. Scholars enjoyed these lessons that promote critical thinking and reflection on their own contributions and “sparks” to the world around them.

The Online Learning Department is looking forward to the significant accomplishments that scholars have outlined and a solid finish to the end of the school year.

Loud and Proud,

Janae Smith

Director of Online Learning and The Online Learning Team


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What is New in Online Learning?

The Online Learning Department has been holding connection meetings and Parent-Teacher Conferences this spring to revisit scholar goals and set new goals as the end of the school year draws near. During these meetings, scholars have also showcased their learning in their Accelerate Education courses and learning labs with their learning coaches and supervising teachers. The online scholars have enjoyed this showcase and are excited to highlight their excellent work.

Our Online Elementary scholars have been working on many wonderful things. Our K-3 scholars have been working on the AVID tool "WritetoLearn and are putting together some opinion pieces. Also, the K-2 scholars have been learning about people in history. Rosa Parks, Jackie Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr., to name a few. The 3-5 grade scholars are making their way through their semester 2 novels and getting near the end of their novel studies.

The Online Middle School math scholars have been working on doing percentages of change. Also, scholars have been learning about the Renaissance and writing about famous artists of the Renaissance. During math learning labs, scholars have reviewed test-taking strategies and key concepts to ensure they are confident in taking their spring assessments.

Our high school Biology scholars are exploring all aspects of science and life and producing some stellar original work demonstrating their knowledge of the inner workings of neurons and the human respiratory system.

Homeroom sessions focused on Women's History Month to reflect women's contributions. In addition, scholars were able to work collaboratively in Google suite to think critically about current events and issues regarding women's history.

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Work Samples & Learning Labs

2-grade scholars completed hands-on measurement activities. They created a book cover using directed measurements. They engaged and interacted with their friends using Flipgrid to share their favorite book, inspiring other scholars to read that book!
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When writing poetry, we paint pictures in our readers' heads. Our 2-grade scholars painted what they pictured in their heads as they focused on feelings, sounds, and thoughts when reading a poem.
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In our 3-grade learning lab, scholars used their creativity and writing skills to make their special juice recipe connecting to our "Freckle Juice" novel study.
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Online 3-grade scholar, Westin C., showcased his learning with his Freckle Juice advertisement to align with the novel.
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6-grade scholars created Facebook profiles to analyze ancient leaders in social studies class.
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7-grade math scholars used Geogebra to draw polygons, label dimensions, and calculate perimeter.
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Online Middle School scholars wrote research reports on ancient leaders.
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In Mr. Ramirez’s science class scholars analyzed the function of neurons.
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Mr. Ramirez’s scholars were able to understand and visualize the function of human lungs using an everyday item like a water bottle with a straw.
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A recent physics lab helped our scholars explore mass versus position concerning the weight of things. Sabrina S. dropped the ball (figuratively!) to explain the dynamics of this interaction.
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On the electives front, our Art Appreciation scholars are examining form, style, and relief as it is reflected in classical architecture, focusing on the legacies of the Greco-Roman building traditions. Do all roads lead to Rome? It looks like many still do, according to Mia B., who learned a little more about the Roman Colosseum's purpose and design.
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Meet Scholar Isabel Y.!

The Online Learning Department is thrilled to spotlight our Online High School Scholar, Isabel Y.

“Hello, my name is Isabel! When coming to Compass Charter School, I encountered many friendly faces from scholars and staff alike. One of the reasons my sister Kailey and I chose Compass to further our education was because of its opportunity for flexible scheduling. Flexibility helps us focus on both school and taking care of our home zoo of animals.

Compass has helped me excel as a scholar and, in the long run, not fall behind any of our classes due to the wonderful staff and flexible schedule. My passion is to help animals of any kind, although I do favor birds.

Right now, my family and I have a big flock containing over 20 birds, and we also have dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, tortoises, and so on! I would love to become an avian veterinarian in the future and have my own practice, but for now, I’m taking the little steps to get there by attending Moorpark College for their exotic animal training program after I finish at Compass.”

Check these amazing photographs of the gorgeous birds Isabel and Kailey are raising!

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Staff Spotlight

Meet Ms. Lillian Diaz, Online Elementary Teacher!

Ms. Diaz shares, “I am a supervising teacher. I teach 3-grade, and soon I will be teaching 4-grade scholars.”

When asked why she does all that she does here at Compass, she shares, “I started tutoring elementary school scholars when I was 16 years old. I loved it, and then I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life. I became passionate about making a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of young scholars.

I want to support them in their educational journeys! I want to show scholars that learning can be fun and engaging! Each has the potential to make a difference in the world, and I want to instill this notion in them!”

A piece of advice she would like to share a piece of advice about learning coaches, “Small actions go a long way and make a big difference in scholars’ learning. Something as simple as establishing a consistent routine can make a significant difference in a child’s attitude toward learning and in their success.”

Ms. Diaz shared a little about herself and said, “I am an introvert, and I like to sit and take in the silence whenever I can! I have two young sons, so that means spending a lot of time outdoors whenever possible. We like to go on walks, hikes, and bike rides.”

Meet Ms. Erica Angelo, Online Middle School Teacher!

I’m Erica Angelo, a middle school online teacher at Compass, and I’ve been working here for six and a half years. I work with scholars and learning coaches to help each child be successful. I strive to create a community of learners that nurtures growth in a positive learning environment. Using a multifaceted approach, I help scholars learn about science and research new ideas. In addition, I focus on critical thinking skills and inquiry because these two skills foster learning even beyond the classroom.

My advice to families is to attend learning labs live and watch the recordings, especially if you feel lost. They allow you to pause and take thorough notes or even re-watch parts you didn’t quite understand the first time. Plus, you can always reach out to your teachers to ask questions about the material.

A little about me, I love baking more than cooking, and my family and I like to crochet little stuffed animals, hats, and beach bags.

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