Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing


It started in a small-scale mining 1902. The Founders of this company is Dr. J. Danley, William A. McGonagle, John Dwan, Henry S. Bryan, Herman W. Cable. The current CEO is Inge G Thulin. There are no subsidiaries. This company operates Industrial, Safety and Graphics, Electronics and Energy, and Health Care and Consumer. The company's biggest competitors is Vale S.A. ADS and Dow Chemical Co.

Factors of Production

This company sells many differents kinds of products. They vary from rolls of tape to energy. 3M has about 89,800 employees. 3M operates in more than 70 different countries. 3M sells products to more than 200 different countries. The net worth of this company is $104.26B


I will still keep this stock. The price has to go up eventually and it never stops growing. My stock for this company is losing money at the moment but it will eventually go up. I learned that people need to invest wisely, otherwise it can really bite you later in life.
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