Weekly Newsletter

April 1, 2021

From Principal Emma Liebowitz

We are so excited to welcome back the majority of our students on Monday! We have not seen some of our students in over a year and this will make our hearts happy! In case you missed it, you can find a questions and answers document at this link. Please feel free to email me at eliebowitz@mtrsd.org if you have any questions.

Health Office News from Nurse Loranna

Greetings from the health office!! So excited for this new chapter in our school community and being together as a group once more! With any change (even positive!) there can be feelings of apprehension and worries may surface- this is a natural part of change- and one way you can help support your family is by talking about it together, reaching out to others can also help and it can be comforting to realize that many of us are going through similar emotions. Our focus in school in the next weeks will be on supporting our students, learning new policies and establishing and strengthening meaningful relationships. We are lucky to have a beautiful school to be at and we hope to spend more time outdoors. Please reach out if you feel your child needs extra support during this transition. Also please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions that come up, about masks, travel advisories and illnesses/symptoms, I am happy to hear from you! lalmeida@mtrsd.org

Preschool News from Ms. Melanie

The March winds have certainly been active in these final days of the month! In our remote class, we talked about how the month of March seems to "blow away the winter and blow in the spring". We made a wind sock one day, and a colorful kite with streamers on another day. Just in time to catch the last of the March winds!

In our outdoor classroom, we celebrated a birthday of one of our classmates. We worked together to make a birthday "cake" out of "tree cookies" complete with five twig "candles". We gathered around and sang, "Happy Birthday dear Hudson!", then shared our lovely "cake". It was a fine time in our beautiful woods.

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Preschool News from Mrs. Freeman

SPRING sure has arrived!! We have been having SO MUCH FUN in our outdoor classroom!! The vernal pond is almost completely thawed out. We have been raking, and cleaning up our area from the fall/winter mess.

Please make sure to send your child in with some sort of muck/rain boots, extra set of clothes and a water bottle. We will be spending many days outside. We are looking forward to welcoming several more preschoolers to the class next week!

Kindergarten News from Ms. Sarah

In math lately, Kindergarten has been working on those tricky teen numbers! The name of these numbers does not follow the 'tens first, ones next' pattern of all our other double digit numbers--plus some of the ones parts get renamed (ex. thirteen vs. "three teen"). To help us sort all this out, we have been building teen numbers out of a ten and some more ones, playing spinner games, writing teen numbers to music, and playing "Guess the Mystery Number." We had a teen number race yesterday and kids were cheering on their favorite teen number to win!

First Grade News from Mrs. Pedersen

First grade has been learning about 3 dimensional shapes in math this week. We had a fun time with a shape hunt with 3 - d shapes in our home. We are also continuing to structure numbers and this week we worked with writing equations to match the number of school days up to 116. We are also continuing our study of long vowels in reading and spelling. The eagle web cam has been a lot of science fun again this week. We have been watching parents feed the eaglets, and gather nesting material.

Second grade News from Ms. Robertson

At the end of twenty-five plus weeks of remote learning, second graders are excited to come together to be fully in-person next week. When asked what they are most looking forward to, the resounding answer has been: “Seeing all my friends!” As the class transitions back to in-person learning, the focus during our first two weeks together will be on further building and strengthening our second-grade community, learning new routines, especially around Covid protocols, and establishing classroom expectations. It will be wonderful for everyone to get reacquainted with old friends, to establish new friendships, and to simply enjoy being together! A BIG welcome back to all the second graders and to all returning students! We have missed your presence in school and we are looking forward to seeing your smiles and hearing your laughter!

And now here’s an update about a few of the skills and concepts second graders have been working on during the last couple of weeks…

The focus during our daily warm-up prior to beginning our morning meeting block has been on editing. Students read three sentences that are posted and assume the role of editor, checking the sentences for missing punctuation and capitals and misspelled words. After making silent observations, we correct the sentences together. This practice will follow us into the classroom, where editing will be a highlighted part of our in-person writing routine

We have also been working with long vowels patterns as part of our Fundations work. The initial focus was on vowel patterns that end with silent e and the current focus is on vowel teams (ex. ai, ay, ee, ea, oa). Our practice activities have included building word families (ex. say, way, play) and changing a sound in one word to make a new word (ex. mule, mole, pole, pile).

During math time, we have been exploring different ways of adding two-digit numbers and students have become increasingly proficient with solving equations such 32+44 by using number lines and by using drawings of base ten blocks. The class was also recently introduced to the splitting strategy. Perhaps you are wondering what these methods look like from a second grader’s perspective. If a second grader is solving 32+44, they might use an open number line, where 44 is placed on the number line, and then three jumps of 10 and two jumps of 1 are made to arrive at the answer. Or they might draw a picture using ten sticks and one circles to show 32 and 44 (ex. / / / oo + / / / / oooo) and then count by tens and ones to determine the total. If a student decides to use the “splitting strategy”, they split 32 into 30+2 and 44 into 40+4. Then they add the tens (30+40) and the ones (4+2) to get 70+6, which they then solve to get 76. Exploring multiple methods for solving equations helps to strengthen our mathematical thinking and encourages us to be flexible problem solvers.

Third grade News from Mrs. Wyckoff

As we finish our last week of remote and hybrid learning, third graders are reflecting on the upcoming transition back to school full time. Students were given the writing prompt: “what are you looking forward to or what will you miss as we end our hybrid and remote learning time?” There is so much animal love in third grade, so naturally many kids wrote about missing their animals and all the snuggling and silly moments they’ve enjoyed over the past year. Others wrote that they will miss their family and body breaks at home. When writing about what they are excited for almost all writers included seeing friends, teachers, playing on the playground again and having specials in person! I want to take a moment to thank all the families for their support over the past year, we appreciate you! April and I and the rest of the third grade team look forward to welcoming your third grader back full time in just a few short days!!

Fourth Grade News from Mrs. Lagoy

I am so excited for Monday. I can't wait to greet more of the fourth graders in person! Desks are all lined up with chairs awaiting student bodies, bulletin boards have been bordered and are awaiting student work, hand sanitizer is at the ready! Like buds waiting to open, grass waiting to green, our classroom is ready to spring to life once again.

This week students got to participate in a fun Mystery Science activity. We learned how living in groups helps many animals survive, including wolves, meerkats, ravens, and ants! You can help support your child’s curiosity at home! Look for different kinds of animals near your home, and ask your child to identify them. Then ask, “Do you think it lives in a group? How do you think living in a group helps it survive?”

We also continued our study of area and perimeter by designing graph paper robots. Take a look.

Fifth Grade News from Ms. Johnson

Fifth grade has started to learn about the Civil War and photosynthesis this week. We have been using different reading sources, videos, and visuals. Students started making posters to show the process of photosynthesis. In math, students have been using various strategies for multiplying numbers such as doubling and halving, the over strategy, area models, partial products, ratio tables, and the algorithm.

Sixth Grade News from Mrs. Schreiber

Sixth grade has been begun using our new unit on plant and animal cells. We will be studying the functions of the various organelles as well as writing an essay comparing and contrasting the two types of cells. In math, we have been looking at how to calculate the percent of a number to find tax and tips. On the day without internet sixth grade worked on finding structures to hold and protect a raw egg when dropped from a height (egg drop challenge) while the in-person hybrid group also worked on create geodesic domes.

Math (Title I) with Mrs. Prew

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Tyler is creating an animal walk for the sidewalk in front of his house. First he plans to do the frog-jump for 4 feet. He’ll do the crab walk for the next 4 feet. Then for 8 feet he’ll hop like a bunny. He is still adding more sections to his animal walk and wants to make it even longer, so it’s more fun. There are lots of animals he could include!

  1. What do you notice? What do you wonder?
  2. Use pictures, models, or numbers to describe this situation.
  3. What mathematical questions can you ask about this situation? Answer all the questions you can!
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Reading Room News from Mrs. Morey

Mindful Movement with Ms. Sue

Hello EVERYONE in the Sanderson Community!!!

It has been way to long for in person connections...so I am looking forward to seeing YOU!

The COMMUNITY has HEARD about our yoga mat request and WE HAVE been collecting yoga mats and we will have one for EVERY child that needs one! IF you have your own and would like to bring that in and keep at the school, please email me at sfuller@mtrsd.org so I can adjust the number I need. I am making name tags on rubber bands that will hold the mat once rolled up...

so a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped us reach this goal :) we so appreciate you all!

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Sanderson Library News!

Hi There Sanderson Community and Welcome Back! It's certainly been different type of year, and we made it through. We were careful and diligent and took care of each other by wearing masks. Many people told me that they were glad to have books in their homes because they could read an adventure story, a novel, look at picture books, look up interesting facts about nature and animals, or learn how to draw. I must admit, I found myself reading all kinds of books, beginning with the types of books that I normally read. Then branching out into different subjects, I learned about all kinds of places that would be interesting to visit in the future. We already live in an information rich society, and along came the internet. Some rural families were able to have it installed sooner than others, and now it's great to know that our district has online access. It was great to be able to search book titles on line for amusement.

In the days of old, there was the Book Mobile. It was a boxtruck / rolling library that visited each rural home with an assortment of books to offer people for their reading enjoyment. Now, Ms. Liebowitz has supplied Our Library with a Book Cart. It looks like a giant shopping basket on wheels, and works to bring much anticipated books to our 8 classrooms that are looking for good books to read.

My 4 cats enjoyed hearing the voices of Sanderson Academy Students during remote learning. They loved the Parade of Books and were content to be in the diningroom when the different readers were dramatizing the book being read aloud.

Welcome Back, Welcome Spring, Sanderson Community. Take in a Deep Breath of the Sunlit air and enjoy the spring weather...and read outside!

Thank You,

Mrs. Shippee

District News and Events

You are invited to a presentation on the Role of a SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council). Think of it similar to the role of an LEC in schools for Special Education and 504s. This group is typically for families of students with a 504 or an IEP but, is welcome for anyone interested. This is a great way to be involved and share your voice.

This link will take you to more information on SEPAC - MassPac

Role of a SEPAC – Mohawk Regional

Special Education Parent Advisory Councils are district-level, parent-driven groups that provide input into the local school district on system-level special education challenges.

This workshop defines the specific role of SEPACs under Massachusetts law and discusses ways a SEPAC can reach out to and support families.

Federation for Children with Special Needs is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Role of a SEPAC - Mohawk Regional

Time: Apr 7, 2021, 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 944 0388 2268

One tap mobile

+13017158592,,94403882268# US (Washington DC)

+13126266799,,94403882268# US (Chicago)

If you are unable to attend but are interested in participating in future events, please let me know.

Have a great weekend,

Leann Loomis