The One Leprechaun Trap You To Make

Go and get working your lure trap now.

The Lure Trap: How to Get Started

The materials that are needed to build this lure trap are: a shovel, blanket, a shiny coin, black bag, rope, pulley, and grass. This is how the lure trap starts. You dig a hole with a shovel so the leprechaun can't get out. Then put a bag in the hole and put rope on the bag so you can pull the leprechaun out. Then put a shiny coin in the middle. Next, put a green blanket over the top of the hole and put grass over the blanket so the leprechaun can't see the hole. Put rope on the bag so that you can pull out the leprechaun. That is all you have to do for you lure trap. In my trap I used a pulley because you don't carry much.