The Giver Community

Is the Community Good or Bad?

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An Average Day in The Giver Community

You wake up and go to breakfast. You share if you had any dreams that night. You say you had a dream of someone. Your parents shoo your younger sibling and tell you that you are having stirrings. They give you a pill (Telling of dreams p. 44 The Giver by Lois Lowry) and tell you, you have to take it until you go into the house of the old. You ride to school with your two best friends and then go to school. After school, you volunteer at the nurturing center. You are weighing two babies and the one you have is smaller. You give it to a nurturing person and they tell you it is going to be released to elsewhere (Released p. 188 The Giver by Lois Lowry.) You go home and do your homework, then you eat dinner and have the sharing of feelings. You tell them you are anxious for tomorrow, because the next day you go to the ceremony of twelve were you'll be assigned a job. They tell you it is OK, the Elders are never wrong. You go to bed and then the next morning arrives...

The Giver Community, Things that are the Same

In the Community, when you are a One, you are assigned to your Family Unit. That automatically gives you the privilege of free education and free health care. We don't have free healthcare, but we do have free education. I know that you may not like school, but it is a privilege. After school, you do your homework. Then, you eat dinner which is provided too. (like our country) When you turn nine, you get your own use of transportation, which is a bike, before you were riding on the back of your parents bike. Now, the last thing I'm going to talk about in the community that is the same is that you can have fun. You can play after school, ride your bike, play with your friends too, it is also fun to break some of the minor rules with your friends.

Things That are Not the Same...

I don't mean for this to get negative, but some things in the community are VERY VERY wrong. The people in the community have feelings, but they don't have emotions. Emotions are something deeper, something more. They do not have it because emotions lead to conflict, they take away these emotions by taking a pill, they also can't see color because that leads to different opinion). The baby that the nurturers were going to release, they just gave murder another name. AND if you break some of the most important rules, you will get released. Release is a punishment, but also a reward in someways. We DO NOT have this in our country. So, now that you have more information, would YOU want to live in this community now that you know how it works?