UNG Nursing

Nurs 3806 Family Course

Pediatric Clinical Team

Jenna Shakelford ( Egleston), Brenna Frankish ( Egleston), Hannah Cilli (Egleston) , Amber Willis (Egleston), Melissa Anderson (Scottish Rite), Nancy Chambers (Scottish Rite), Melanie Glushko (Simulation)

Happy 2016, and Welcome to Nursing Care of the Family (Nurs3806)

Spring 2016 has started, and I would like to Welcome Melissa, Nancy, and Amber to our clinical team, and welcome Melanie back! You will most likely have a lot of questions during the semester-and that is okay. I will try to fill you all in on the details as much as possible. Right now our priority this week is making sure everyone has the following things listed below all taken care of.

Bad Weather

We follow the university schedule for snow days. If the University is closed- you may NOT teach clinical. The students will get a make up assignment. If CHOA is under a code white...they do not want us there and the students will get a make up assignment.

Students may NOT miss clinical. If they miss one time- they will receive a make up assignment. If they miss twice, they have failed clinical and will need to repeat the course.

There are extenuating circumstances that allowances have been made for but that is the general policy.

You will be in charge of clinical attendance and the turning in of make up assignments.

I will give you two- one that is friendlier than the other and you can distribute them to the students as you feel is appropriate. Students should contact you and their course faculty via EMAIL as soon as they know they are going to be absent.

Texting is frowned upon in this case, as it is official university correspondence.

Check Email - at least daily Mon-Fri

You will eventually get UNG accounts which is the preferred email for you to use. You will want to check it often for professional correspondence. It is not desirable for you to TEXT your students or for them to text you. Email is the best mode of communication, especially for official correspondence.

a few FYI/ notes of interest.....

Do not friend your students on Facebook until they have graduated, as it is a conflict of interest. Do not "go for drinks" with students ( this has been done), and do not let them "have a day off" with out letting me know you are missing clinical. Clinical time is absolutely mandatory, and missing clinical can jeopardize a student's ability to graduate.

Clinical Orientation

You will conduct your clinical orientation on your floor with your clinical group. You will need to go over at a minimum: feeding pumps, Alaris Pumps, and Syringe Pumps. You will need to go over your expectations for your group, and discuss aspects of the unique patient population that you will be working with on your floor. This is also a day for students to learn how to park, and learn the "lay of the land" at CHOA as this will be a new location for them.

Monday Orientation will be 1/25 and Friday 1/29