Team Montford-Midwest Charmed Mamas

June Newsletter

National Conference

Oh my, what an experience! The Fall Product Reveal was awesome, but not my favorite part! I have to say my favorite parts of the weekend were Darleen Santore talking about the 3 F's, Focus, Fortitude, and Faith and Chrissy Weems' Gala Night Speech! These are very strong, inspirational women who really are a "force for good".


The top 3 team members in sales:
Denise/Alan Best $3169.00, Michelle Montford 2108.98, Raya Shafer 2001.80
Denise/Alan Best $1316.26, Jennifer White 1119.53, Kate Becker 1007.71
Valerie Sherrill $2551.60, Denise/Alan Best 1755.20, Jennifer White 1466.86

We had 5 Team Members promote to Team Leaders in April! They are Becky McCall, Jennifer White, Leigh Sanderson, Melissa Villarreal, and Tessa Miller-

In May, Becky McCall promoted to Senior Team Leader! Hoot! Hoot!

I am so very blessed to have you all on my team. There have been bumps along the way, but we will focus on our goals, have the fortitude to make them happen, and have faith in God and ourselves and everything will be great! Working together as a team, we WILL BE a "Force for Good".

Upcoming Events

July 23, 2013 Team Meeting in St. Joseph at Panera at 7pm
July 24, 2013 Team Meeting in North Kansas City at the Barry Road Panera at 6:30pm

September 13-14, 2013 Regional Team Training Kansas City Place TBA