The North "We're Up There"

Like all the way up there

Why we "Rock"

  1. We have better rocks than the Lame South
  2. Way more people
  3. Transportation at its finest
  4. I don't know if the South knows what the word education means
  5. We actually have food crops that we can eat
  6. Abe Lincoln
  7. Our Technology is far more superior
  8. We have a stronger Navy

Why War?

Well you might be asking why we are going to war with the losers of the South, One reason is that they agree with slavery and well we don't agree with that (not one bit). including the fight over what states on the west will be a free state or a slave state. ( no one can call dibs or double dibs or even triple dibs). Another important reason is the book Uncle Toms Cabin showing the bads of slavery and how they take away the rights of slaves

Leaders and States of the (cool) Union

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. New York
  3. Maine
  4. Ohio
  5. Pennsylvania

Fort Sumter Battle

Friday, April 12th 1861 at 10am to Sunday, April 14th 1861 at 11pm

Fort Sumter National Monument, Charleston County, SC, United States


We are going to start a war


8:30-9:00: Susan Cooks pre-war picnic

9:00-9:30: Susan serves food at picnic

9:30-10:00 Susan cleans up food and soldiers march

10:00 and beyond: WAR