By: Braden Haas


The disease spreads with a virus by talking, sneezing, and coughing. The throat and noes are effected by this.


Through the disease you can get a fever, dry cough, runny nose, soar throat, inflamed eyes, small white and red bumps, and a rash. Most of these are normal side affects to illnesses and are not deadly.


Their is no true treatment that can cure measles. You can only get over the counter drugs to protect yourself from the symptoms such as your rash or fever. It can be prevented with a vaccine when you are around 6 months old.


If you have the disease then you must isolate yourself. If you have not gotten the vaccine then you should get it right away. If you've had the disease before then your body becomes immune and you can't get it again. Measles have basically been eliminated in the United States. Taking normal medicine helps relieve you from the symptoms. If you have low vitamin A you'll be in risk more of getting the disease. If traveling to underdeveloped countries.


Measles kills over 10,000 kids mostly under five years old have died per year. Now the U.S.A. has about 60 cases almost every year. The symptoms of the virus happens around 10-14 days after you get exposed to someone else with the virus.

2014 increase

In 2013 the amount of cases were just below 200. In 2014 the amount increased to around 600. Reported in several states in America. It was about 603 cases and 20 outbreaks. The reason most of the people got measles were they did not receive the vaccine.


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