Join the Library Advisory Council build a stronger JBS library!

What *IS* a Library Advisory Council?

The library at JBS is assembling a student Advisory Council in order to improve and enhance the library experience at JBS. This group will meet with the JBS librarians to offer feedback and advice and to exchange ideas and recommendations regarding library policies, resources, services, book and media purchases, displays, and programs. This group will represent the interests of JBS students where library use is concerned; we hope interested students from all grades will volunteer to serve on the council. A link to the application form is HERE.

What will we *DO* on the Library Advisory Council?

· Facilitate and strengthen communication between the librarians and students.

· Bring ideas and issues to the attention of the library.

· Provide feedback and suggestions about book selection for both print and digital titles.

· Help develop, create, and run special library displays and events.

· Provide advice on usability of library resources such at the web page and other online tools.

· Help librarians better understand students’ information and research needs.

· Identify and initiate joint projects or initiatives between the library and students.

· And much more!

Why join?

Let your voice be heard! Be part of new programs and services. Help promote library resources. Help make changes and build a stronger library community!