The Secret Behind Tuck Everlasting

Magical Spring Water

The Secret behind Tuck Everlasting. In the wood there is spring water and if you drink it you live forever. Jesse, Milles,horse,Mae Tuck and Angiset Tuck drank the spring water. They lived forever. Milles had A wife but she left him because he look the same every year. One day these hunter's mistake the horse asa cow and when the shot the horse It did't even leave a mark. Jesse fell out of a tree. He landed right on his neck and he didnt get hurt.

Little Girl gets Kidnapped

It all happened when Winnie was walking in the wood and saw Jesse drinking the spring water. Then Jesse saw here and he said you should not be her but this is my wood. All a sudden Jesse's bother came and grabed winnie. He but here on his horse and toke here to there house. The man in the yellow suit saw them so he went to Winnie's house and told her parents that the Tucks toke Winnie . So the cops went to the Tucks house.
Noo! Winnie gets kidnapped. Winnie was walking in the wood and then it all started. She saw Jesse was drinking the spring water.
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Man in the Yellow suit

The in the yellow suit was a creepy person.