Carman Elementary

Learning in the Library

Learning about Bats

Students learning about the difference between Fantasy vs. Reality or Fiction and Nonfiction. After listening to Stellaluna, we had a class discussion about why this book is fantasy. The following website also had more information bats and some great worksheets. (pk-K) (1st/2nd)

More about bats.

We then read the story, Amazing Bats by Seymour Simon and discussed Fantasy vs. Reality (fiction vs. non-fiction for 1st and 2nd grade) and had a classroom discussion on what makes this book a non-fiction book. Also worked onthe freebie worksheet that follows.

3rd-5th Graders learning the Dewey

After learning about the Dewey Decimal System students learned how to make a powerpoint poster about a designated dewey subject to display in our bulletin board. Took us a while but students loved to learn about power point and the dewey decimal system.

Turkey Trouble!

Thanksgiving is upon us and to get the students thinking about fiction and story elements we read "Turkey Trouble" by Wendi Silvano. Students had a blast figuring out what turkey's new idea is next.