Start a Wrestling Watching Club!

How to guide on starting your own WWC

What is Wrestling Watching Club (WWC)

The Wrestling Watching Club (WWC) is a not for profit group and the brainchild of Chairman & Founder Eric Jackson. WWC’s first territory was founded in Philadelphia, PA in March 2013. It attracted the support of such pro-wrestling stars as The Blue Meanie (ECW, WWF, WWE) and DJ Hyde (CZW). In July 2013 the second WWC was founded in Richmond, VA. In June 2014 Eric founded the San Francisco WWC in the lower Haight which meets at Nickies Bar every Monday to watch RAW.

The WWC’s mission is to promote professional wrestling in the arts, sciences and community. By working with local businesses, WWC aims to host professional wrestling-related events in order to bring fans to watch, celebrate, and discuss pro-wrestling. Jackson’s goal is to eventually have WWC territories throughout the nation that link to a centralized WWC Organization. WWC territories may serve a local area (“Indianapolis, IN”) or have a topical focus (“ECW” or “70s”).

How do I Start a WWC?

If you’re interested in forming a new territory:

Get a copy of the WWC territory Starter Kit. To have a Starter Kit sent electronically to you, shoot an email to

• Include your contact information (name, address, phone) and the area that you are interested in starting the local territory.

• In the Subject line type “WWC Starter Kit Request”.

• Decide on a territory name -- Example: “WWC Indianapolis.”

• Review WWC Territories Guidelines.

• Please include the following items when emailing your territory application package:

Contact information

A list of any additional current territory members.

A short summary report on any territory events already held.

• Email your territory application package to:

Once your application is received, we will schedule a phone call to discuss your goals and our expectations as commissioner of your WWC.

Once approved as a U.S. WWC territory, you’ll receive:

A territory certificate showing your territory in good standing. Inclusion in the territory leaders (commissioners) email list. Facebook & Twitter pages for your territory

Resources to help your territory with outreach and projects.

**Requirements are subject to change

All commissioners of WWC must abide by the following while running their territory:

1. Use provided social media pages.

2. Maintain contact with National Office.

3. Not use territory to promote self-interests and private enterprises.

4. Not collect fees, dues, tides, money, duckets, swag, bootie, etc. from members in exchange for WWC services.

5. Hold public meetings on a regular basis somehow related to professional wrestling.

6. Be an inclusive territory, and not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Any commissioners found in violation of any of these or future regulations will have their membership revoked, and will no longer be affiliated with WWC.

Start by connecting to local potential members online using the WWC Twitter and Facebook accounts provided to you. You’re welcome to use other forms of social media as well (Instagram, reddit, etc.).

Find a restaurant, bar, or any place with a TV that will allow you to show wrestling.

Regular in person meetings will help grow your numbers and get everyone familiar with each other. Gather feedback and see what they would like to do with the time.

If you can get a professional wrestler or anyone else in the industry to attend these meetings, then by all means do so.

Be original and have fun!

About Us

San Francisco's Wrestling Watching Club is a not for profit group dedicated to professional wrestling in the arts, sciences, and community. We want to help people watch professional wrestling in the same ways they enjoy other sports. If you have a story of discrimination or would like to start a club please contact us.